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5 Style Stars Spill The Best Fashion Advice They Got From Their Dad

Apart from suave and style, find out what else they have inherited from their dads.

There are cool dads, sporty dads, and business dads but nothing beats a stylish dad. No matter how hard they try to shrug the fact that they've truly influenced our style today, we still think that stylish dads deserve much recognition especially on this coming Father's Day. On top of inheriting a slew of enviable physical traits, we figured it would be just as special to find out what Slater YoungLA AguinaldoBret JacksonKyle Perry, and Andre Lagdameo inherited from their dads style-wise! 

From practical and functional gears, a number of timepieces and other vintage jewelry, to even the simplest style hacks, we jotted everything down in this Metro exclusive.

Slater Young

Photo from @thatguyslater

Engineer and TV personality Slater Young finds himself as a mirror image of his dad. "My dad is very simple and down to earth. So when it comes to fashion, he’s very practical. I guess that’s why I prefer a simple/minimalist style of dressing up as well" says Slater. He personally prefers a well-fitting black shirt, straight-cut jeans, and a good pair of leather boots as his everyday look whereas his dad prefers a very utilitarian style especially when it comes to his favorite cargo pants for when visiting construction sites. When it comes to tangible inheritance, Slater currently treasures a golden timepiece that is approximately 60 to 70 years old passed down to him from his dad and grandfather. Sooner or later, we might even find the same watch passed down to his son!

LA Aguinaldo

Photo from @la

A trailblazing force in menswear fashion, LA Aguinaldo is a self-made boy wonder. Clad in mostly his own all day industries and luxury streetwear like Off-White and Louis Vuitton, LA finds his style expressive and ever-evolving unlike his dad. "He wasn’t very experimental I would say but I’ll always appreciate his love for polo shirts, boat shoes, and walking shorts. It’s ‘dad’ fashion, but it’s no-fuss, simple, reliable, and timeless. It’s something I try to emulate not just in the way I dress but in life as well," says LA. With the surge of normcore fashion in runways and in street style, there's no doubt that LA not only respects this aesthetic but he also incorporates his dad's fashion bits into his looks.

Bret Jackson

Photo from @bret.jackson

Bret Jackson continues to redefine both fashion and music industry with his complex sense of style. TV personality Bret is now making a name for himself in the music industry as the co-founder of Careless Music Manila and a rapper coined as KINGwAw. His personal style is an extension of his identity as an artist and he admits that he picked up the same sense of laid-back attitude from his dad. "I can say that my dad is pretty chill. We shared the same vibes but now that he has gone completely comfortable, we dress differently now. I had to upgrade and show my own style due to my line of work,” says Bret. Although he didn't inherit a lot of his dad's clothes, Bret keeps a vest from his dad which his uncle wore in the army as his own piece of history.

Kyle Perry

Photo from SM Youth

Born of a military man himself, Kyle Perry sports the same utilitarian and athleisure style. The fahsion model keeps a close relationship with his dad and is often seen in Celtics or Red Sox sports gear whenever he is with him. “There are two items of clothing I keep of his. I keep one of his basic training shirt when he first entered the military and the other one is a retro hoodie he used to wear when he was young. Both he can not fit into anymore,” says Kyle. 

Andre Lagdameo

Photo from @andrelagdameo

Model and personality Andre Lagdameo learned from his dad that comfortability is utmost importance. “There’s a silk buttondown I got from him and it’s one of my favorite things to wear at the beach.  I also keep a beige cap that I always wear on casual days,” says Andre. Although his dad gravitates towards more collared tops, Andre still keeps the same piece of advice his dad gave to him as a base on how he puts up outfits for himself.