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Bling Everyday: Adornata Wants You To Include Fine Jewelry Into Your Daily Style


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As young girls, many of us have that vivid memory of beholding a mother, or grandmother’s jewelry collection; the colors, the sparkle and magic engrain itself into our lasting memories. But for some, like fine jewelry designer Chynna Gonzalez, that magical moment carries itself into a passion.

Adornata, which Chynna began in 2016, celebrates the influence of her stylish grandmother, Lualhati. Here, her designs take on a burst of hues, precious stones stylized and assembled into elegant motifs set against sold gold. Adornata is all at once classic, a bit oriental, balancing everyday casual finery with statement appeal.



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“The big idea behind Adornata is to be a bridge between fashion and fine jewelry. Pieces are more fun and fashion forward, but rendered in solid gold. They’re beautiful, but also practical because you can wear.”, explains Chynna, who is keen on incorporating a multi-wear aspect to all her designs. “I felt that if I made [Adornata jewelry] versatile and practical, despite them being innately luxurious, it would make clients – like me, feel less guilty because I can maximize its use.”

But, for all its universal appeal, Adornata isn’t one to just mass produce jewelry. Chynna remarks, “The beauty of colored gems is that I source them in small batches, and are not all the same. Given my heavy-handed use of gems, most of the pieces are one-offs, so every Adornata piece is unique, from material to design.”

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Buyers will do well to invest in these one-of-a-kind creations, especially since she just launched Adornata’s latest collection “Redentore”, an homage to the famous fireworks display “Festa del Redentore” in Venice.


“I believe fine jewelry doesn't belong in a vault; you need to wear them and they should complement your lifestyle.”, insists Chynna. “All in all, my pieces are for the Adornata woman, who is confident, strong and powerful. She is independent and comfortable, and she knows what she wants and how to get it, a go-getter relentless in the pursuit of her goals.”

For more information, log on to Adornata.Jewelry