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This Is Your Chance To Bid On Your Dream Wedding Dress!

Ever felt the pressure of having to spend a ton for your Big Day? You're not alone. Surely, there is some sort of need to have the very best for your wedding—the best venue, best caterer, best band, best jewelry, and yes, the best wedding dress!

As this is perfectly normal and natural for a bride-to-be, surely the chance of giving back for every spend you make is a great thing to achieve.

But how exactly can this be done, you ask? 


Some couples opt to forego party favors or giveaways, and instead choose a charity or non-profit organization to donate money to, while some opt to DIY and recycle existing materials they have on-hand to lessen waste for a one-day celebration.

But here, we give you a chance to give back in an extraordinary way: Bridal Boutique launches "A Walk to Forever", a live charity bidding."

This local bridal shop specializes in fashion-forward, of-the-moment designs for the price-conscious, style-savvy bride. Come May 26, Sunday, Bridal Boutique gives its customers and brides-to-be the chance to find their dream wedding gown via live bidding for a cause!



The project is for the benefit of The Give Shop: A Charity Outlet of the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, with all proceeds above the base price going to the said foundation. It's shopping for your big day, but giving back at the same time! Now who doesn't want that?



Take note!

If you want to take part in this amazing event, just be sure to log on to Bridal Boutique's Facebook on Sunday, May 26, at 5:00 PM.

Mechanics are as follows:

1. Tune in to the bidding on May 26, 2019, streaming live on Bridal Boutique’s official Facebook page.
2. During the auction, bidding will be on Php1000 increments over the base price.
3. The highest bidder/ the last bid for the item will get the auctioned RTW gown.
4. The highest bidder will be messaged by our team to get their contact and payment details.
5. All proceeds above base bidding price will be going to the Give Shop: A Charity Outlet of the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation.


Check out some of the beautiful designs by Bridal Boutique Manila:



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