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Bulgari Brings Back Three Iconic Jewelry-Timepieces For LVMH Watch Week ‘21

Take a closer look at the timepieces that caught our eye!

The jeweler of time comes back with yet another outstanding collection of timepieces for 2021. Bulgari celebrated the art of watchmaking and innovation through this year's LVMH Watch Week. With the Italian luxury brand's Chief Watch Designer Fabrizio Buonamassa, Metro got a closer look at the Lvcea Intarsio, the Divas' Dream, and the Serpenti Spiga. 

Each piece perfectly captured the Maison's ability to create and innovate while still staying true to the Bulgari DNA."A Bulgari timepiece doesn't feel like a cold piece of metal and it also shouldn't feel like an inert work of art, we made sure to combine engineering and aesthetics through careful construction and exceptional craftsmanship," says Buonamassa. He was keen on showing Bulgari's expertise when it comes to making use of fine jewelry, construction, unconventional materials, and one of a kind marquetry. From the dial, the bezel and buckle, down to the bracelet or strap, get a closer look at the timepieces that caught our eye! 

Bulgari Lvcea Intarsio


Boasting a radiant mother-of-pearl dial, the Lvcea Intrasio reimagines the Maison's signature daily round watch with a jeweler's touch. This timepiece is crafted with mother-of-pearl pieces that are individually worked and faceted to mimic the rays of the sun. Complete with diamond indexes and a grey or black alligator strap, this piece is best styled with a monochromatic ensemble for everyday wear. 

Bulgari Serpenti Spiga


The Serpenti Spiga is a feast for the eyes. Fully realized with gold and diamonds, this iconic Bulgari watch is a grand representation of the Maison's expertise when it comes to combining jewelry with timepieces. Apart from its looks, the Serpenti Spiga is exceptional in construction as well. The diamond matelassé bracelet is actually made from spring! Bulgari will for sure go down in watchmaking history with this one. By just the looks of it, we can definitely see ourselves cascading down any path with only this piece and a silk black dress on.

Bulgari Divas' Dream Peacock


With only 50 pieces created for each design, the Divas’ Dream Peacock Dischi, Peacock Tourbillon Lumière, and the Peacock Diamonds timepieces might just become the most coveted timepieces of the season. Bulgari was so enamored by the regal beauty of the peacock that they had to produce not one but three designs with three different executions. The Peacock Dischi boasts an intricate feather marquetry made from real peacock feathers while the Peacock Tourbillon Lumière features an ambitious skeletal dial full of gold and peacock feathers as well. If you think you’ve seen it all, wait until you see the Peacock Diamonds timepiece up close. This majestic design is realized with a special gold-smithing technique called champlevé, a kind of enamelwork in which hollows are made in a metal surface and are then filled with colored enamel. Out of the three designs, which timepiece do you gravitate to the most?

Call +63 2 8241 3287 or visit the Bulgari store at The Shoppes in Solaire Resort & Casino to pre-order the new Bulgari timepieces. You can also head to to shop the entire collection online!

Photo Courtesy of Bulgari

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