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Grab These Bump-Friendly Dresses From Talulah’s Closet By Tricia Centenera

Sporting a baby bump doesn’t have to be a pain for your fashion game. In fact, let it be your most daring and beautiful accessory!

Two months after Driven host Tricia Centenera announced her pregnancy on Instagram, we’re finally treated to a number of her #proudlypreggy photos. In fact, the pregnancy is not stopping this career woman, as she launches her rent-to-wear business Talulah’s Closet with Cheryll Karim.


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In a previous interview with, Tricia says,

“Talulah is my alter-ego! She also is everbody else’s best version of themselves: A strong, independent woman.”


Photo from Kim Wee Ebol of Spotlight Creatives


And just a month into the release of the brand’s online website and studio, they’re already working into expanding their collection with bump-friendly dresses that every mom would love walk around in.


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With overflowing love for her baby bump and and her upcoming baby, Tricia releases a sneak peak of their upcoming bump section on Talulah’s Closet. Whether you’re only 10 weeks in to 25 weeks in like Tricia, there will be something beautiful for you at the Closet. As Tricia puts it, “[We’re all] winners, no matter what size!”



As seen from Talulah’s upcoming dresses, there’s generally a bias towards V-neck dresses. According to Clinton Kelly, stylist and cohost of TLC's What Not to Wear, in a Seattle Post-Intelligencer article, it’s all about the illusion. “V-neck sweaters or tops are a wonderful way to create the illusion of a longer neck.”


Photos from @triciacentenera


Don’t be afraid to hide your curves under bulging or boxy clothes. Fashion expert and image consultant Monet Cole adds, “There is a growing trend to celebrate the beauty of a woman's body during her pregnancy, so the new rules are that fitted tops and dresses are in.”

Currently, there are already two dresses ready to be rented at the Bump Friendly section of Talulah’s Closet: the Hydra Drape Dress and the High Society Dress, both by Cooper St. But as we’ve seen from Tricia’s photos, there will be much more in-store for preggy moms who will need to dress up for an occasion or two.


Photo from Talulah’s Closet


Check out Talulah’s closet at Unit 302, The Luxe Residences, BGC, or check their catalogue online via You can also catch Tricia Centenra on Driven, premiere episodes every Thursday, 8:30 p.m on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD.