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These '90s-Inspired Costumes Are Fashionable And Super Easy To Recreate For Halloween!

Unleash your inner '90s babe with these 5 costume ideas

Still on the search for a stylish costume to sport this Halloween? Take cue from Metro Channel host Pia Wurtzbach, who recently paid tribute to a stylish era in '90s Versace ad-inspired looks. The '90s was also the heyday of VHS tapes, Lisa Frank stickers, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, rom-com movies, hoop earrings, and grunge! 

And just like Pia, we're so excited to dress up for the upcoming Halloween that we gathered some cool '90s-inspired costume ideas you can totally pull out of your closet (or an online store!). Check it out, pick what you want to rock, and have a happy halloween!

Modeled by Pia Wurtzbach, Makeup by Mickey See, Hair by Renz Pangilinan, Styling by Pam Quinones, Mac Intia, and Leanne Ledesma for Qurator Studio | BJ Pascual

Take a trip down memory lane with us as we share five fashionable, ultra easy, and '90s-inspired costume ideas to sport this Halloween. Spoiler alert: get ready for some serious nostalgia!

Cher of Clueless

Embrace your inner Cher—chic, confident, and charming! Sport yellow plaid coordinates over a white shirt, and don't forget the most important accessories: knee-high white socks and an old-school cellphone!


Plaid coordinates, P1,134 | SHEIN, buy it now

Britney Spears in "I'm a Slave 4 U"

One can't talk about the '90s without mentioning the most influential artist of the era. Aside from her iconic songs, her unpredictable outfits are totally unforgettable. We can all recall her 2001 VMA performance like it was yesterday. She danced to I'm a Slave 4 U in a hot bikini ensemble paired with the most jaw-dropping touch—a  python, no less!

To achieve this fearless look, bring out a green bikini top and blue metallic shorts. Then, slather oil all over your hair and body for that sweaty but sultry touch. Finally, wrap a stuffed python around your shoulders!


Green bikini top, P1,950 | Women's Secret, Buy it now on Zalora
Metallic shorts, P655 | Buy it now on Amazon
Python toy, P979 | Buy it now on Amazon

Wednesday Addams of the Addams Family

Dark and gloomy, Wednesday Addams can never be spotted wearing anything other than black. This is exactly why nailing her look is easy—simply wear your hair in pig tail braids and put on a monochromatic dress. If you're feeling extra, you can also carry around a headless doll.


Collared black dress, P1,249 | Buy it now on Zalora

Rachel Green of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Everybody loves Rachel Green, the Central Perk waitress-turned-fashion boss girl from the comedy series FRIENDS.

Simply don a denim polo shirt, black stockings, and a red half apron to achieve her look. For an extra oomph, sport a layered, blonde wig and carry a coffee maker! 


Denim blouse, P999.75 | Freego, buy it now on Zalora
Half apron, P850 | Buy it now on Amazon

Mia Wallace of Pulp Fiction

Finally, another easy, '90s-inspired costume idea is that of the mysterious Mia Wallace—the wife of criminal boss Marcellus Wallace in the hit movie Pulp Fiction. One of its most iconic scenes was when Mia effortlessly slipped out of her gold Chanel flats to dance on stage! Recreate the moment by wearing a white button-down shirt and black slacks. Finally, wear your hair in a fringed, black bob, and groove to the music like nobody's watching!


White button-down shirt, P1490 | Uniqlo, buy it now
Black ankle pants, P1,490 | Uniqlo, buy it now

Lead photos via @piawurtzbach. Photography by BJ Pascual, Makeup by Mickey See, Hair by Renz Pangilinan, Styling by Pam Quinones, Mac Intia, and Leanne Ledesma of Qurator Studio