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“Crazy Rich Asian” Heart Evangelista-Escudero On What It’s Like Working With Her Fashion Stylist, Metro Editor Kat Cruz-Villanueva

Fashion girls could not have missed it—it’s everywhere on the news. Our very own Heart Evangelista was featured on Harper’s Bazaar!


WATCH: This Is What Heart Evangelista Was Up To With Kevin Kwan At Paris Fashion Week



I woke up to one of the most amazing features in my life! My last trip to Paris was a very special one because not only was I there for couture week but I had been invited by @kevinkwanbooks who has now become a dear friend! He was doing a special ‘Crazy Rich Couture’ feature for Harpers Bazaar US and asked me if I would be interested in being a part of it. I had the honor of being featured alongside some of the most incredible and stylish Asian icons. I am beyond grateful to Kevin and the entire Harpers team for being such a dream to work with! I’m so incredibly proud of this project and would love for you to see it too! Grab the September issue of Harpers Bazaar US or click the link in my bio! ?? @harpersbazaarus

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In the 6-minute video, Heart, together with best-selling author Kevin Kwan and other “real-life crazy rich Asians”, was seen strolling around Europe, hopping from one show to another at Paris Couture Fashion Week. “Couture Week in Paris is the crème de la crème,” said Kevin Kwan in the clip. “We’re talking about dresses that start in the tens of thousands, and go up to the millions. Only about 2,000 women in the world can afford it.” The author shared that he felt lucky to have spent Couture Week with the truly stylish insiders: Feiping Chang of Hong Kong, Rachel and Michelle Yeoh of Malaysia, and of course, Heart Evangelista, who he dubbed as “the darling of the Philippines”.



A little surprise for everyone back home...??

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Dessert, drinks, and great company...?? #PFW

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It’s no surprise that Heart was chosen for the feature. The actress, artist, and Hermès enthusiast is a fashion week front-row regular! Donning only the most sophisticated, luxurious outfits, she never fails to stun us with covet-worthy wardrobe. Looking for fashion inspiration? Just check her Instagram—it’s brimming with style. Her 2.4 million followers would agree.


Exclusive: All The Details Of Heart Evangelista’s Paris Fashion Week #OOTDs, Shared By Her Stylist!


When it comes to fashion, one of the few people Heart trusts the most is no other than celebrity stylist and Metro Magazine editor Kat Cruz-Villanueva. The founder of StyledIt Group has plenty of fashion-forward women on her roster of regulars, including Angel Locsin, Iza Calzado, Shaina Magdayao, and Gabbi Garcia.



The stylish duo has been working together for almost nine years, but have known each other far longer. “Kat is my friend. At the same time, we also share a cousin, so that makes us sort of related!” giggled Heart, reminiscing about their first encounter together. “We first met at a relative’s party back when we were really, really young. Eventually, we met again for Chalk Magazine. Kat and I have known each other longer than [I’ve known] Chiz!”
In this exclusive interview with Metro.Style, the actress and stylist talk about their friendship—and of course, style!



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Metro.Style: How is it like working with Kat?

Heart Evangelista-Escudero: We’ve been working together for almost nine years. It’s so fun! What I love about Kat is that in the beginning, she would help me with my styling, and eventually, she taught me how to put pieces together on my own. Like a mother to her daughter, she would say things like, “Okay, show me more” and “What else did you plan?” Everytime we travel together, she would sit there and I would show her my outfits. If she doesn’t like it, she’d say “It doesn’t look nice. What else can you put with that?” She makes me think. It’s like an exercise—a collaboration!

MS: Of all the stylists out there, why did you choose Kat?

HEE: It just felt right. You have to have a really, really good relationship with your stylist. You should look for someone who knows your insecurities. It took me a while to wear flats, ‘cause I used to only wear super high heels, but Kat made me feel good. She made me feel that I still look okay. I trust her.



MS: How do you you both come up with Heart’s travel OOTDs?

HEE: Kat used to prepare my outfits in ziplocks!

Kat Cruz-Villanueva: Yes. Usually, when I pack for clients who go abroad, I put everything in a ziplock. I still do that sometimes, but now, since Heart and I travel together, there’s no need to.


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MS: Kat, as her stylist, how would you describe Heart’s style?

KCV: I would say classic and sometimes a bit eclectic. Sometimes she has all her whites and classic pieces, but sometimes she also has bright coats and funky pairs of shoes and accessories.



MS: Who is Heart's style icon?

HEE: Mira Duma! I love the way she picks and matches her outfits. That’s the thing: you see a nice piece on the rack and anybody can buy it, but it’s how you wear it that makes it different. That makes it you. Mira has this way of styling outfits. She’s super petite, so I can relate to her built and style.


MS: How do you both come up with a look for the day?

HEE: I send her a lot of pictures!

KCV: It also depends on the occasion. If it’s for a major event, then we plan her look in advance ‘cause we need to have her outfit made.


MS: What is your favorite silhouette on Heart?

KCV: I love the 50s full skirt on her! Heart is generally a “delicate” person, so this silhouette accentuates her body perfectly.



MS: Would you say that you and Heart share the same style?

KCV: No, but there are some pieces we both like. For example, pleated skirts are our favorites, but we style it differently.

HEE: Yes! I can say I’m more girly.





MS: What’s a style tip you learned from each other?


HEE: To never be afraid to try something different! When I went to Paris, I had a fuschia pink Delpozo pink coat. When I put it on, I felt like, Oh my God, this is too much! But Kat told me, “No! You can pull it off! Sayang naman!” So we dressed it down a bit, and in fact, while I was walking around, I was still very conscious, until I realized na kaya naman pala. So that’s one major advice I learned from Kat: to never be afraid to try new things.

KCV: I learned not to be afraid of color. I always wear black, but now I try to wear different shades like yellow.



A splash of color is all you need on a rainy day. ?? @sweet.escape

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View the gallery below for more photos of the power duo.


Photo credits: @iamhearte and @iamkatcruz


Lead photos via @harpersbazaarus and @iamhearte