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EXCLUSIVE: We Were With Dani Barretto On The Day She Said 'Yes' To Her Wedding Dress!

Congratulations to the newly weds!

After getting engaged in February and having a rustic, wanderlust-themed pre-nup shoot in March, lifestlyle vlogger Dani Barretto and DJ Xavi Panlilio officially tied the knot today—and we couldn't be any happier for them. 

Just a few weeks ago, the Metro.Style team accompanied the bride-to-be to Patricia Santos's BGC atelier, where she would fit her wedding gown—a regal, lace-embellished, tulle ensemble. According to Dani, she wanted to incorporate long sleeves in her wedding dress because of their understated elegance. "I really love looking at women, celebrities, or even royals when they wear long-sleeved gowns. [They're] so elegant, so classic... [when you wear a long-sleeved gown] you don’t really need to put much effort, because it is already elegant by itself."

True enough, Dani was a breathtaking vision as she walked down the aisle. Just look at the blushing bride!

Photo: @cathsobrevega


Photo: @cathsobrevega

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"To be honest, I never really dreamt of my wedding gown as a little girl. I know a lot of women have that...[but] marriage was a different thing to me growing up," opened up Dani in an exclusive interview with Metro.Style. "It wasn't really something that I wanted, up until I met Xavi. When I met him, everything changed. I wanted to get married so bad. That was a different thing. That was the only time I really imagined my wedding gown."

Dani Barretto fitting her wedding gown made by celebrity designer Patricia Santos


According to the social media influencer, a woman should get Patricia Santos as her designer if she dreams of looking like a princess on her big day. In fact, it took only one sketch for Patricia to get Dani's dream dress right. "Luckily, Patricia is also my friend. She already knew my personality. She already picked up what I wanted..When she showed it [the sketch] to me, I was like, okay, that's it. That's the one."



Check out our exclusive fitting experience with Dani Barretto in this video:


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Photography and videography by Pat Buenaobra