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“DEISEL”: Diesel’s Fashion Week Salutes Street Style Culture

Lining up in Chinatown Canal Street, New York

“OMG. Typo.” was my first reaction upon receiving the invitation for Diesel’s Fashion Week event.

Staring at the word “DEISEL” emblazoned on the top of the invite, I cringed, thinking someone was going to get into serious trouble for spelling their own brand name incorrectly on an invitation to fashion editors for a landmark occasion. Then I realized they had glitched it on purpose.

And this, my friends, is one clever way to set yourself apart in fashion.

Right smack in the midst of New York Fashion Week, as brands populated some of the swankier Manhattan venues to showcase their collections, Diesel went rogue and headed down towards the chaos of Chinatown’s Canal Street, notorious for stalls teeming with bootleg branded items.


'Deisel' merchandise up for sale


The intention was not to raid the fake fashion vendors, but rather to blend in. The idea was a brilliant pop-up Diesel boutique, minus all the frills of a Fifth Avenue display, which had purposely misspelled “Deisel” logo merch and an assortment of legit Diesel gear for Canal Street prices. Mountains of apparel loaded in bins and haphazardly strewn hangers held true to their neighbors’ market-like aesthetic, and save for the block-long line that formed outside, nobody would have known that this was something truly out of the ordinary.

For a brand that was aspirational to my generation as teenager, to pique our now-liquid demographic’s interest once again by playing to the culture of word-of-mouth NYC streetwear, and enticing artists like Gucci Mane to affiliate, Diesel has officially resurfaced as a brand that understands relevance, timing, and the power of defining anti-trend. For a label with the European sensibilities and track-record that it does, rebelliousness and going against the grain continue to define Diesel’s fuel.



 Buyers and celebrities at Diesel Fashion Week


In the Philippines, Diesel is located at Bonifacio High Street Central, Greenbelt 3, and Power Plant Mall.