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Designer Mich Dulce Made A Pattern For Those Wanting To Help Make PPE Suits At Home

Mich Dulce’s Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club, leading the creation of PPE suits to our frontliners, has now released an official technical pack for those with the resources to help create them on their own

The Philippine government and local medical establishments need help to aid our frontliners with protective gear like face masks, shoe covers, head wraps, and, most especially, protective suits. The local fashion industry was quick to respond to the call of Vice President and are now making their own efforts to help make these suits. First to initiate the efforts is Mich Dulce and her Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club, a group of designers, creatives, suppliers, seamtresses, manpower, and the like, aiming to supply, create, and deliver the goods as soon as possible.

Yesterday, they have released a 22-page technical pack with the replica pattern to make the protective suits and a guide on how to make it. The file also includes a full-sized pattern for printing. You can download the pack here.

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suits is an occupational rotective clothing made to repel particulate matter, airborne or otherwise, particularly the coronavirus. It is a layer of protection between the wearer and the working environment. In this case, for our nurses, doctors, and other frontliners. Though it is mentioned that the suits aren’t medical grade, these can still be used by nurses and the hospital staff.

Though Mich and the group has catapulted the initiative, they still need all the help they can get. 

Materials needed: 

1. Water repellant fabrics (umbrella or raincoat material, poly microfiber, and taffeta)

2. Non-woven material 50gsm and up

3. Continuous or 26” zipper

4. Elastic garter for ¼ inch thick 

5. Velcro

6. Ribbon or twill tape for ¼ inch thick

7. Manila paper 

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Other designers have responded to Mich’s call to help out. Top fashion designer Rajo Laurel has his on the pattern and now doing a pocket studio of his own to create the suits. He has now since made a prototype of the PPE suits he is making. Young designer RJ Santos of Randolf Clothing has also posted his efforts to help the club by making his own suits, too.

A prototype of a PPE suite made by Rajo Laurel

Apart from the club, designers like Patty Ang and Michael Leyva have also created samples of their own PPE suits and masks, which are ready for deployment soon.

It is in times like this where we the true spirit of a helping hand—whether they may be reaching out to fellow Filipinos needing help or tirelessly sewing pieces that could help make a difference today.

For donations to Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club, please contact Cynthia Diaz at +639178662496. You may also reach out to the respective designers in their profiles linked above.

The Local Fashion Industry Comes Together To Make PPE Suits For The Country


The Local Fashion Industry Comes Together To Make PPE Suits For The Country

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