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Did You Know The Iconic Emerald Ring In ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Almost Didn’t Make It To The Movie?

Crazy Rich Asians’, the first Hollywood film to feature an all-Asian in over 25 years, is a box office hit—and we’re betting that it’s all everyone talks about these days. 


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Aside from the gorgeous celebrities, the over-the-top parties, and the lavish wardrobe worth coveting, one small—but important—detail in the movie is the iconic emerald ring. That’s the huge rock Eleanor Young (played by Michelle Yeoh) wears on her finger in the film. (We won’t be dropping any spoilers here, but those who’ve seen the movie know exactly why this ring is so important!)

But did you know that the ring almost didn’t make it to the movie? Director Jon M. Chu tells Vulture that they originally had a ring in another style—an emerald piece inspired by the Van Cleef & Arpels engagement ring that John F. Kennedy designed for his First Lady Jacqueline. 

Photo: Jonathan's Fine Jewelers


In an interview with The Knot, costume designer Mary Vogt adds that Jon envisioned Eleanor’s ring to be emerald from the get-go. “He really felt that it was a very regal color, a very strong color, that it was just something that he associated with Eleanor, that green,” she shares.

But alas, Jon thought that it just wasn’t extravagant enough for the story. “We had a ring designed already, and our mock-up looked so shitty that Michelle [Yeoh] was like, That cannot be the ring I wear,” the director tells Vulture. “I’m like, I know, I know. I’m so embarrassed by it, but we don’t have the money. She’s like, I have a better ring than that.


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True to her fierce and persuasive character, the real-life crazy rich Asian got her jewelry box and pulled out a ring from her personal collection—a gorgeous emerald piece she designed herself. It was also the exact ring she wore to the Times 100 gala held last April. “She pulls it out, and I was like, Oh my gosh, that’s our ring,” quips Jon.

Oh, Auntie Eleanor! Now that’s a last-minute change that definitely turned out well.




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