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Wear Proudly What People Say About You And You’d Be Surprised How Less You’ll Care

We can spend our lives worrying about what people say about us, but we can also choose to make life easier…and just not care!

Criticisms, negativity, and so much hate thrive in the society now, especially with social media giving power to haters and trolls. But why care, when you can just look good and go on with your life?

Diesel says, “The truth is this: the more you expose the hate you get, treating it with irony and irreverence, the less power it has to cause harm. This is why we are launching Haute Couture. A unique collection designed to do just that: disempower hate.”

Diesel’s new Haute Couture is all about taking all of these negativity and instead of fighting it, embracing it without a care. Grab all the negativity that’s thrown your way and turn it into empowerment and self-affirmation—just like how stars like Nicki Minaj, Bella Thorne, and Gucci Mane did it!

Nicki Minaj has had her fair share of haters calling her “The Bad Guy.” American Rapper Gucci was once told, “F*** you, Imposter!” Bella was always called the “Slut.” Now, they’ve turned the hate around and wore these words instead, to tell the world that they’re OK, they’re happy, and they don’t care.


Have you been called names or criticized unnecessarily? Have you had people stab you at the back, only to come out stronger because of it? Wear the hate proudly. The more hate you wear, you’ll be surprised how less you care!


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Diesel lets you do this by customizing their cotton shirts with a tape that can bear whatever you want written on it. If people have called you fat, a freak, dead inside, or whatever, you can have these words written on the tape that’s sewn to your shirt.


Andi Eigenmann was present at the launch of the Diesel Haute Couture collection and proudly wears a Diesel shirt, bearing the words “snob,” “slut,” and “laos.” And it shows how she doesn’t care about what people say about her anymore and how it has pushed her to look better and feel better.


The Haute Couture Collection also includes a new cotton t-shirt design and jackets branded with “is dead.” Diesel says, “We took some of the hate Diesel received as a brand, like ‘Diesel is Dead’ and ‘Diesel is not cool anymore,’ showing them with pride and turning them into unique items.”


Turn your back on online hate. The more hate you wear the less you care. #DieselHateCouture

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Apart from the Haute Couture Collection and the customized shirts, Diesel also has on its racks the new Autumn/Winter collection.