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Here's A Complete Guide On How To Disinfect Every Piece of Clothing And Accessory On You

We have the solution to all of your disinfecting woes from your washable masks, jewelries, bags, clothes, to your shoes!

Staying at home and wearing masks outdoors are of good practice but this does not prevent the virus from clinging onto your valuables which may eventually lead to infecting everyone in your household. In order to survive this pandemic, all of us should learn how to properly disinfect our washable masks, jewelries, handbags, clothes, and shoes. These among many others are the things we bring outdoors during our quick trips to the bank, pharmacy, or grocery.

Disinfection is different from sanitation—and that is a fact. Spraying rubbing alcohol all over your essentials is not enough. Rubbing alcohol together with other versions of alcohol-based sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes can only do their job outdoors as first aid or as a first step towards disinfection. Experts did not invent the 20-second hand wash routine without any reason which explains why water and soap are still the best weapons during this pandemic. One can only imagine what it takes for the virus to thrive on your skin or even on your valuables!

The Metro team ran up quick guides on how to disinfect your clothing so easiy—not one but more than 5 steps towards total disinfection. Yes! We did our research to give you every appropriate disinfecting tutorial for every material and fabric you might have. The best part is, we made sure you can do these steps at the comfort of your own home with cleansers you can find or create! 

Click on the stories below for these step-by-step guides on disinfecting every piece of clothing on your body!

For washable masks:


Here's How You Can Properly Wash And Disinfect Your Reusable Cloth Masks

For your jewelry, eyewear, and hats/caps:


Here's How To Disinfect Your Accessories With Materials You Can Find At Home

For your clothes, plus a foot bath for the soles of your shoe:


Here's How You Really Disinfect Your Clothes and Shoes Before Going Inside Your Home

For your handbags made of leather, suede, canvas, nylon, or PVC:


Here's How to Disinfect Your Handbags—In Every Fabric!

For your shoes i.e. slippers, heels, or sneakers:


Here’s How You Can Disinfect Your Shoes From Coronavirus