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Here's How You Really Disinfect Your Clothes and Shoes Before Going Inside Your Home

Keep your family safe from the virus by following these extra cautious steps.

Homemaker Pamela Picazo-Garcia teaches us tips on how we can create a quick and effective disinfection method for both your clothes and shoes before you enter your home. It is important to understand that the virus does not stop at your doorstep. Once you enter the house with the same clothes you shopped or ran a quick errand in, the virus can easily spread across furnitures, sofas, beds, and even to your loved ones! Coronavirus can live on surfaces for over three hours or days, it sits on surfaces as it thrives and waits for bodies to infect with.

Watch the video below for the full process. And read on for our step-by-step guide.

It helps if you take off your clothes right away once you arrive at your home and immediately fold and store them in a ziplock or laundry bin in your garage. After doing so, make sure to wash your hands instead of solely using alcohol to sanitize. Take advantage of the soap and water you have at home and save up on rubbing alcohol or sanitizer for situations where you are outside!

To disinfect before the laundry: Soak your used clothes in a baking soda and water bath for over three hours or overnight. Baking soda is a good household antiseptic. It cleanses and it also brings out the colors in your clothes! Mix 1 cup of baking soda with 1 gallon of water, adjust accordingly with how much you are planning to disinfect.

For laundry: Separate the clothes you wore from outside with the clothes you wore only on the inside. Go through your laundry like how you usually do it. It also helps if you handle your laundry with a face mask and latex gloves on for extra protection.

BONUS: If you are currently using reusable cloth face masks, it’s important to wash them every night. You can only use these cloth masks for 12 hours only! Read through the related article down below to find tips on how you can properly disinfect them.

Here's How You Can Properly Wash And Disinfect Your Reusable Cloth Masks


Here's How You Can Properly Wash And Disinfect Your Reusable Cloth Masks

On shoes, always make it a habit to leave them outside. Whether there’s a pandemic or not, bacteria and viruses thrive on footwear since it picks up almost everything you step on. Imagine walking all over the supermarket, inside the banks, and the streets with the same shoes you prance around your house with (yikes!). 

To quickly disinfect your shoes, you will need:

A plastic basin that can fit your shoe or an used tray 



Dishwashing Soap

Mix them all together and "ta da!", now you have a quick shoe bath! If you live in a condominium and you don’t have an outside space for your shoes, from now on, this foot bath answers all your footwear woes.

If you have the time to fully disinfect them, we suggest you look into the related article down below. We took notes on proper care for shoes with sensitive material i.e leather and suede!

Here’s How You Can Disinfect Your Shoes From Coronavirus


Here’s How You Can Disinfect Your Shoes From Coronavirus

Lead Photo from (shoes) Nike and (door mat) Tropa Store