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Editor's Tips: How To Do Your Holiday Shopping In Style And Peace!

We've got exactly 35 days left before Christmas, and the most crucial question lingering on everyone's mind is—are you done with your shopping yet?

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We're all too familiar with the harassment that comes along with this time of the year, and despite our endless desire to "make this year different", we're often caught in the stressful ordeal of holiday shopping year after year. While some things will never change (like long queues in the mall or last-minute gift requirements at your office Christmas party), we can always do some things differently to somehow turn this seemingly dreadful chore into an enjoyable one!



We've got a few practical tips up our sleeve, some that we often forget to do, but we know would greatly improve the entire holiday shopping experience and make Christmas shopping pleasurable again. Make sure to read through them before planning your next trip!


1. Make a shopping list.

Just like any regular day of the year, making a list is a proven strategy for efficiency—this way you don't lose track of what needs to be done, by when. And in the same way, the holiday season calls for lists upon lists: grocery lists for your Noche Buena, a list of what to pack for your family vacation, and yes, a list of who to give Christmas gifts to! Make your shopping list work harder for you by segregating names per store, by due date (which party comes first?), and by budget. When all these things are mapped out, you'll be able to navigate your shopping way better than just having a vague picture in your mind.


2. Be the earliest shopper at the mall.

You may have to set aside an entire day or two to get all your shopping done, and realistically, rushing to the mall after work hours doesn't seem to be the most effective way to cross off your gift list. We advise taking one to two days off from work to focus on shopping alone. You can bulk your grocery shopping here as well—booze, snacks, sweets, and those that can be frozen included! And once you're at it, be sure to wake up bright and early, down a cup of Joe, then head to the mall first thing when there's no one else there! We highly discourage shopping after work hours, till the wee hours of the night when you're stressed out and might end up just buying the first thing you see. 


3. Don't even step out of the house. Online shop!

With the selection of goods available online right now, one doesn't even have to step out of the house to get shopping done. Sites like Zalora, Shopee, and Lazada offer quite a wide array of picks to choose from for your personal or gifting needs. The thing about online shopping is making a strategic plan to get the goods to your doorstep in time, and making sure the sizes/quantities are correct. It's more than just clicking and dragging things onto your virtual shopping cart, it takes proper scrutiny to make sure that what you buy is really what you need. Ed's tip: Check if the site has gift-wrapping services too, to save you more time!

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4. Consider hiring an assistant (for the season!)

A lot of kids will be out of school this time of year, and we're pretty sure some of them won't mind accompanying you to the mall, or heading to the mall alone for that matter, to help you get your shopping done! They can also be on top of making sure the wrapping is done, gifts are labeled and delivered on time, and all your other concerns covered. You can pay them depending on what works for you both! Internships/assistant jobs are great ways to train the younger generation for the work they'll be doing in the future, so don't be scared to ask for help!


5. If all else fails, dive into the chaotic mall but do it with comfortable shoes!

We've got to admit, despite the holiday season's hectic pace, we sort of enjoy the rush that comes along with it. Back to back holiday parties, good food and drinks, gifts galore, a generally cheerful vibe everywhere—what's not to love? While we certainly don't love the maddening crowds, we do love the idea of shopping for nice things for our loved ones, so why not improve the entire experience while we're at it?


The best solution to this dilemma is to have enough energy (rest well before a big shopping spree), wear comfy clothes (none of those jumpsuits or rompers that make it hard to pee), and most importantly: WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! No one likes aching feet at the end of a long day, and the only solution to that is to opt for a pair that's kind to your feet while still maintaining that stylish vibe!

We personally love the footwear line Zaxy, a Brazilian brand of jelly shoes that are all comfort, all style!

You need not to put on a sack and ugly sneakers to get the job done. We believe in looking calm, collected, and stylish as you go about your errands, and with Zaxy, you get to do just that and more! This brand believes in expressing one's self through fashion, and with their wide range of footwear designs, you're surely on the right track to making a good style statement! 

Check out more Zaxy styles we're eyeing for our next shopping spree:


These shoes are made of 100% recyclable materials, and are in turn recyclable themselves, thus can be called certified eco- and water-friendly! While you're at it, why not gift your eco-chick friend with a pair? These shoes are not just great for running errands, they're ideal for travel, work, or the beach too! 

Have a stress-free holiday shopping season!


Zaxy is available in selected department stores, Zalora and at Zaxy store, Ground Floor Glorietta 4.
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