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Evangeline Lilly Fawns Over Marie Lozano’s Outfit, Made By This Filipino Designer


“I always make it a point to wear Filipino design in my interviews”, says news personality Marie Lozano in her recent Instagram stories from Taipei, Taiwan.


Photo courtesy of Marie Lozano


As a lifestyle and entertainment reporter, Marie is a frequent globe-trotter covering international press junkets and exclusive events, which often puts her within radar of Hollywood A-listers. Recently, Marie was covering the Ant-Man And The Wasp red carpet in Taipei, during which, amidst a throng of many other influencers and reporters, the lead actress Evangeline Lilly noticed her.



"Interviews" stories from @iammarielozano


During their interview, Evangeline immediately recognizes Marie and compliments her. From the video in Marie's Instagram stories, Evangeline tells her, “I was like, ‘look at her outfit, look at her hair! She’s amazing!”


The two share casual hugs and “twinning” pictures. Marie eventually tells Evangeline that her jumpsuit is from a Filipino designer, Charina Sarte. “It’s wonderful!”, compliments Evangeline again. “I love it.”


Evangeline Lilly with Marie Lozano


Charina Sarte, who was part of the Top 50 #MetroMostStylish list this year, also saw Marie’s stories and was ecstatic. “I thought it was so cute of Evangeline Lilly to be so candid and sweet to her interviewers.”, she says. “Marie is such a sweetheart for posting [the interview]. We love her because, not only does she look amazing wearing Charina Sarte, she always makes it a point to get an amazing photo of her. She’s the perfect muse!”


Marie had worn two jumpsuits by Charina Sarte during her trip. The first suit, which she wore on the first day was the Sierra jumpsuit. The second jumpsuit, which she wore during her interview with Evangeline, was the Aala jumpsuit. Charina notes, they are part of her Summer ’19 series. “The collection is inspired by my last trip to the South of France. I used a lot of patterns, mainly stripes and polka dots.”



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Continuing in Marie’s stories, she writes, “I would take off my jumpsuit for Evangeline, but that would have made the interview creepy.” The joke was in reference to another famous interview she made with Drew Barrymore, during which she gave her Ken Samudio seahorse earrings to the adoring Hollywood actress.




Lead photo via @iammarielozano