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WATCH: 12 'Real Women' Open Up About Their Body Positivity Journey

For centuries, society has constantly pressured women to look a certain way. In bold, dark fonts, billboards on national roads scream, "Cellulites are ugly." People persuade new mothers to lose their post-partum weight—immediately. Daughters are taught that in order to become "beautiful", they must become a certain height, a certain shade, a certain shape. 

And since it's swimsuit season, one look at your Instagram feed, and you'll see plenty of posts clamoring that only women with "modelesque" figures can look amazing in swimsuits. But here at Metro.Style, we believe otherwise. 

Enough of judgment and unattainable standards of beauty! Cellulites are completely normal. Stretch marks are part of every woman's journey. And everyone—absolutely everyone—can look and feel sexy in a swimsuit, no matter her shape and size. After all, every body is a swimsuit body.


The Metro.Style Swimsuit Project

In an inspiring 3-minute video, Metro.Style interviewed 12 'real women' on their biggest fears when wearing a swimsuit. From mothers, corporate managers, and a human rights advocate, to athletes, bloggers, and even an actress, every woman opened up about their own set of fears and insecurities. But by the end of the video, they also shared why they choose to accept and embrace what they have—stretch marks, dark skin, small cups, scars, and belly rolls included.

"It took me so long to accept what I have and what God has given me," shared plus size model Yma Cuervo. "I love that I am now able to look at [my body] and think—wow, that's me."


Watch the first #MetroStyleSwimsuitProject video below:


Enjoyed watching these women's inspiring stories? Stay tuned here on Metro.Style for more #MetroStyleSwimsuitProject videos. 


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Video Produced by Hershey Neri and Joan Ko

Video by Berwin Coroza

Models: Michelle Cruz, Yma Cuervo, Ally Lim-Gonzales, Ava Zabat-Te, Jackie Go, Kate Alejandrino, April Gomez Baldovino, Kali Huff, Marj Sia, Patricia Ramos, Shen Cala-Or, and Pilar Recto

Photography by Ria Regino 

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz 

Styled by John Karunungan and Hillary Lee of Styleditgroup

Makeup by Myrtle Ruaza Gallardo on April and Michelle; Bea Hernandez on Yma, Jackie, and Ava; Acie Forés Romero-Salas on Shen and Pilar; Arianne Sevilla on Patricia and Kali; and Kristel Yap on Kate, Marj, and Ally, in partnership with Inglot Philippines

Hair by Jayr Tuliao and Joshua Estrope of Bianca Festejo Salon, and
Sam Corbillon and Jennifer Pascual of Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon

Editorial Assistant: Cara Tirona

Special thanks to Pria’s Kitchen