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EXCLUSIVE: Catching Up With Heart Evangelista At Paris Couture Fashion Week


No sooner had July’s Paris Couture Fashion Week had kicked off, and we were already getting snapshots of Heart Evangelista cruising about Paris and sporting new outfits. The Filipina actress and artist has attended previous fashion weeks seasons over the years, which consequently had her nominated as this year’s Top 10 Metro Most Stylish. As she embarked on a whirlwind of shows and delights, we checked-in with her once in a while to see what goes on behind the scenes.



“I’m so happy to be back [in Paris Fashion Week], especially with what I was going through.”, remarks Heart. “I think it was perfect that I had this trip, and it’s just so inspiring to always go to Paris. It’s a refreshing trip all the time, to be up close with all these couture gowns and to meet up [and] travel with friends—it’s just so much fun.”



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In the course of the week, Heart has attended numerous shows, including Armani Privé, Elie Saab and Alexis Mabille. She has also mingled with notable fashion week personalities, like Kevin Kwan, Michelle and Rachel Yeoh, as well as Feiping Chang. A “great company” during the bustling fashion week events, notes Heart in her Instagram.



There’s plenty of glitz and glamour, as befits a couture season; but there’s also a lot of hustle, as Heart laughs about being a diet of gummy bears and water as they try to rush from one show to another; skipping lunches constitutes a typical day in Paris Fashion Week. “And at the end of the day,” she elaborates, “you’re so tired because of the adrenaline high, because you’re so excited. The pace is very fast, and you’re trying to grasp the beauty of everything you see. I love it, [and] I’m always on a high.”

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Heart’s favorite shows of the season include Armani Privé, Elsa Schiaparelli, Elie Saab and Ulyana Sergeenko. While the prevailing trend for all fashion houses is to add more street-style, Heart admits that she likes to keep things classic feminine, but she’s excited about adding more quirk to it, as can be seen for this season. 




Photos courtesy of Heart Evangelista