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Exclusive: Island Girl Andi Eigenmann Shares Her 5 Beach Must-Haves And More!

Andi Eigenmann is a professional mermaid—or at least that's what her Instagram bio says—and there's no denying that. With her signature wild curls, tanned skin, and off-duty wardrobe, she has definitely owned the chic 'island girl' look we all love.



In an exclusive interview with the Metro.Style team, the 2016 Famas Best Actress, blogger, and environmentalist shared her ultimate island girl essentials with us. Keep scrolling to know her five beach must-haves, her favorite surfing spots, and her guide to taking the best travel photos this season. Spoiler alert: this post will give you instant summer vibes!



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Metro.Style: What are your summer must-haves?

1. Reusable utensils

“I used to say that it’s always better to bring the smallest bag with you when you travel, but I don’t really encourage people to do that anymore, just because it’s always better to have our own stuff with us. This way, we can prevent creating trash and throwing away single-use plastics, since it’s not good for the environment.

I always bring my essentials with me: a water bottle, my baon, and my non-plastic spoon and fork.”


2. Easy-to-style clothes!

“I bring clothes that are repeatable. I mix and match those pieces to look stylish without having to bring my entire closet. It’s my way of being time efficient!”


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3. One-piece swimsuits and trusty denim shorts!

“I just feel like one-piece swimsuits are more in trend now. I also like to surf, so they’re more comfortable to wear. I pair my one-piece swimwear with my trusty denim shorts because I get to come up with a whole outfit already without having to do so much. And everytime I want to take a dip, I can just simply take my shorts off!”


An endless summer with my new favorite bag! @shopstylecat #MermaidWanders

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4. A nice pair of sunglasses

“This is a beach essential, of course!” 


5. My Fujifilm X-A5 camera

“Who travels without taking pictures, right? As much as we’re all trying to help each other prevent global warming and climate change, we still can’t control these things. With pictures, we can always have memories to motivate us to spread the word. We can make sure that through these pictures, people will want to make sure our beautiful islands will remain this way even in years' time."


Metro.Style: What are your top 3 favorite surfing spots?

"(1) Secret Spot, Baler, (2) Jacking Horse, Siargao, and (3) Daku Island, Siargao!"




Metro.Style: Lastly, what are your top 3 tips in taking perfect beach photos?


1. Dont neglect the natural light.

"Make sure that when you capture photos, it is what it is."



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2. Capture rawness.

"My photos are candid most of the time. I dont like posing too much because I want to capture not just my look, but the whole mood and emotions of what's happening at the moment. After all, these photos are taken not to impress anyone, but for memories. These are for myself."



3. Be friends with the self-timer!

"I take my own photos unless I'm in it. Most of the time, it’s Ellie who takes my photos. I'm also a master of self-timer. Sometimes, I dont bring my tripod with me because it’s extra baggage, so I use whatever elements are around, like a pale, for example! I would flip it over and use it as a makeshift tripod."


Gettin’ a grip, on this Electric Century mini nose rider!????#MermaidWanders

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The Fujifilm X-A5 (P34,990) is the smallest and lightest mirrorless digital camera within the X Series range. Combining a new 24.2 megapixel sensor with the X series signature color reproduction technology, the X-A5 levels up with a newly developed zoom lens, 4K movie recording, touch screen, and the latest bluetooth pairing technology. It comes in three colors: pink, brown, and silver.


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