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EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Kwan Shares Why He Picked Heart Evangelista For ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Feature


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“When [Harper’s Bazaar USA] wanted me to do this feature about Asian women, I insisted that we feature someone from the Philippines.”, says Kevin Kwan, author of the sensational series ‘Crazy Rich Asians’.

Last week, amidst the soaring hype of the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ movie, Harper’s Bazaar USA also unveiled their September issue special feature, ‘Crazy Rich Couture’, which delved into the glamorous lives of front-row couture buyers, one of whom is our very own Heart Evangelista. Fans and netizens alike were filled with pride to see a Filipina represent some of the most exclusive crowds in Paris Couture Week—which is just what Kevin wanted for his Filipino fans.

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Having visited the Philippines at least twice to promote his books, Kevin is known to have a “soft spot” for his Filipino readers; hence why he’s also well-versed with our own local who’s-who of fashion and society.


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“Heart is the perfect style ambassador for the Philippines.”, says Kevin, explaining his decision. “She is such a down-to-earth person, and her love of fashion has nothing to do with buying expensive clothes, or only being seen in the latest brands. She appreciates the artistry of fashion as an artist.”

Kevin continues, “Everything she puts on looks timeless and effortlessly chic. She isn’t afraid to have and add her individuality to her style.” But when asked if Heart could make an appearance in the future ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ movies, he teases with an openness. “You never know what the future will bring.”


Hanging out in Manila.

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Thanks to Kevin’s books, movie and special fashion feature, the world can finally get a glimpse into the prestigious lives of Asian women, who, as he pointed out in his article, are dominating the fashion scene. “I think Asian women in general have, for generations, taken great pride and care in their experience.”, he says. “The Asian buyer has a real appreciation for quality and value, from high to low, and they truly take the time to educate themselves to become connoisseurs of fashion.”

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We couldn’t agree more with Kevin! Perhaps in due time, Filipino influencers, designers and creatives will compete in the international fashion scene—starting with Kris Aquino and Heart Evangelista now.


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