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EXCLUSIVE: Kris Aquino’s Stylists Share All The Details Of Her Proudly Filipino Outfit In ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

The wedding scene in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ was nothing short of extravagant. Everything fell perfectly into place—the aisle that was slowly submerged in water, Kinna Granis’ beautiful rendition of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” playing in the background, the guests growing quiet as the spotlight turns to the bride, Araminta (Sonoya Mizuno), stepping into the room, the camera panning between Rachel (Constance Wu) and Nick (Henry Golding), who looked at each other with love... And of course, there was Princess Intan (played by our very own Kris Aquino), the quiet, sophisticated Malay royalty who had an entire row to herself—but warmly welcomed Rachel to sit with her. For Rachel, who didn’t allow her boyfriend’s crazy rich family to bully her, it was a moment of grace. A moment of vindication. It’s no surprise why a lot of Filipinos praised Kris for her short, pivotal, and heartwarming scene.

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According to Kris Aquino, people shared their accounts of spontaneous applause and cheering inside movie theaters when her character made her entrance in the scene. “I thank you for the effort to watch Crazy Rich Asians,” she writes in her Instagram post, “...[for] the PRIDE you, the moviegoers, felt in being FILIPINO during my few minutes portraying Princess Intan...this feeling of SOLIDARITY for the sake of our NATIONAL IDENTITY will forever inspire me to strive harder to promote & protect our values, dignity, and grace as a people...walking into the light, with sunbeams filtering in, I embraced the blessing because for the moment—I WAS YOU, and YOU WERE ME.”



Please know your heartwarming comments & posts have made me feel immeasurable GRATITUDE... i thank you for the effort to watch @crazyrichasians, some of you going multiple times w/ family, officemates, best friends, school barkadas, and your boyfriends & husbands... the eyewitness accounts of spontaneous applause & cheering in movie theaters nationwide when my character made her entrance in Colin & Araminta’s wedding, and most significant for me- the PRIDE you, the moviegoers felt in being FILIPINO during my few minutes portraying Princess Intan in @crazyrichasians-this feeling of SOLIDARITY for the sake of our NATIONAL IDENTITY will forever inspire me to strive harder to promote & protect our values, dignity, and grace as a people...walking into the light, with sunbeams filtering in, i embraced the blessing because for that moment- I WAS YOU, and YOU WERE ME. #ilovethephilippines ????

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Kris wasn’t the only Filipino representative in Crazy Rich Asians, the first All-Asian film in Hollywood in over 25 years. After all, she donned a custom outfit created by Michael Cinco, one of the top designers in the country. And her glam team was comprised of leading talents in the beauty industry: makeup artist Juan Sarte and hairstylists Jonathan Velasco and Nante Alingasa.



My soul baring truths: 1. When @crazyrichasians became the #1 movie in the ????, that Monday night (August 20) after reading it earned $35.5M in the 5 days since Aug 15, i was so stressed & anxious that my BP was at hypertensive crisis level. There was FEAR that if it did poorly here, i’d be the logical punching bag & laughingstock. 2. I firmly decided to shut up about @crazyrichasians... as previously stated, the movie shouldn’t become a referendum on the moviegoers’ feelings about me and/or my family. It wouldn’t be right to see what was so instrumental in helping me regain MY SELF WORTH suffer because of association w/ me. PRAYERS & SILENCE were my best options. 3. Then like a dream friends started sending me pictures & videos of all seats taken cinemas, i read in messages the spontaneous cheers when Princess Intan walked in. 4. i reached out to Ms. Sionee Lagman, the marketing director of @wbpictures ???? on Saturday to ask how the movie was doing? 5. i received this at 2:44 PM Monday: Sharing with you CRA’s ????record breaking opening weekend box-office results as promised: CRA Op We box-office - P82.7M: Biggest Op We for a WB FIlm for 2018; Biggest All Time Op We for a Foreign/English RomCom. Congratulations. She updated me just now- 7 day total is ?110M.?? 6. Just THANK YOU, not because of illusions about my contribution-but because my cameo appearance in a historically significant, phenomenally successful #1 Hollywood movie championing INCLUSIVITY for all Asians elevated Filipinos- 1 of us was chosen to be the only ROYAL in the fantasy world of CRAZY RICH ASIANS. 7. After portraying an orphaned girl pushing a “kariton” in her 1st movie 28 years ago, capping that roller coaster ride of hits & misses to portray a Princess resplendent in her real life family’s & democracy’s symbolic yellow- this girl was given her version of not just THE END but the magical HAPPILY EVER AFTER. 8. To all the Rachels, never allow the Eleanors to bully you. BE BRAVE because of your intelligence, personal achievements & your courage to LOVE.??

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Kris has powerduo Kim and Boop Yap to thank for her unforgettable look, too. The sibling-celebrity stylists, whose muses also include Kathryn Bernardo and Erich Gonzales, share, “The main inspiration of the look is the way Princess Intan’s character and look were described in the book—regal, powerful, and intimidating.”

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, Kim and Boop share all the details of Kris’ iconic yellow outfit in the film.




Metro.Style: How were you approached for this project? Who tapped you and what was your reaction?

Kim and Boop Yap: When we first found out that Tita Kris was going to be part of the Crazy Rich Asians movie, we couldn’t be more excited for her! We were with her when she auditioned, and she was incredible, so we were certain that she would get it. It’s an amazing milestone which she truly deserves. We are so proud and happy for her!


MS: How was it like working with Kris Aquino for Crazy Rich Asians?

KBP: It is always a pleasure working with Tita Kris, but this particular project was extra special because it gave us an incredible opportunity to work on an actual Hollywood movie and be on an actual Hollywood set. It was an unforgettable experience that we will treasure forever.


MS: Please describe Princess Intan’s style in the movie.

KBP: Tita Kris plays Princess Intan, a very affluent Malaysian royalty—the guest of honor in Araminta and Colin’s wedding. Princess Intan’s regal and intimidating presence is felt by all the guests. She also wore yellow in the book, which was perfect because it is also the color that symbolizes the legacy of the Aquino family.





MS: What did she wear in the film?


KBP: Tita Kris wore a beautiful yellow couture gown created by the world-renowned designer Michael Cinco. The gown is calado-inspired, fully embroidered, and beaded in a very intricate design. We told Michael about Tita Kris’ character in the movie, and how her look should be aligned with this. As always, Michael delivered and created a regal gown that is undoubtedly fit for royalty.


MS: How long did you prepare her outfit?

KBP: We only had three weeks to prepare for the shoot, which was going to be done in Singapore. During this time, we discussed the design, pattern, and beadwork of the gown with Michael. We are all huge fans of the book so it was pretty easy for us to envision what Princess Intan’s gown should look like in real life. Yellow is the color of the gown in the book, where it represents royalty. Like we said, it also symbolises the Aquino family legacy.


MS: How long did it take to shoot her scenes?

KBP: Tita Kris flew her entire glam team to Singapore for the movie. We were there for five days to do the final fitting and rehearsals. The actual shoot in the church lasted for an entire day, which was okay because we also got to meet the entire cast of the movie!

Photo: @kimiyap


Photo: @boopyap


MS: Why did you choose a Michael Cinco gown?

KBP: Tita Kris has always wanted to wear a Michael Cinco creation, so this was actually the best time to wear one. What could be a better channel to represent and showcase Filipino talent than a major Hollywood film like Crazy Rich Asians?


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Photos from @kimiyap and @boopyap

Photos via @kimiyap and @boopyap