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EXCLUSIVE: Metrowear Designer Michael Leyva To Showcase His Designs in LA Fashion Week


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As the fashion capital fashion weeks have officially come to rest, other cities have kicked-off theirs to keep the excitement rolling. Although not as high-profile, fashion weeks from different cities are an excellent platform to showcase new talents, and the youth style; one of which is the ongoing LA Fashion Week in California, which is celebrating a theme of cultural diversity this year.


In a statement, Arthur Chipman, Executive Producer at LAFW said, "LA is going through a cultural renaissance and we are excited to be a driving force behind its development into the premier hub for fashion, art, design and entertainment."


Designers from varied cultures, from USA, South America, Europe and Asia, have come together to stage an incredibly diverse runway line-up; and representing Philippines in this exciting fashion week is Metrowear designer, Michael Leyva.


Sneak peek at Michael Leyva's collection


“I’ve been preparing for a month already for this show.”, shares Michael, who is best known for his bridal design and evening gowns. Preparing for runway shows have always been a labor of love, for Michael in particular, who has sourced fabrics and materials from international suppliers, on top of countless of hours studying the latest inspirations.



“I’m inspired by the STARS for this collection,” explains Michael. His show will be the last of the event, perhaps the grand finale to LA Fashion Week. “[How] it makes everybody dream of reaching their own stars, and how it shines.” He goes on to explain the aspirational milestone this opportunity affords him. “I think LA Fashion Week will be a good platform for me, a young designer from Philippines, to showcase what Filipino designers are capable of doing. [It’s] also my stepping stone to fulfill my Hollywood dream!




Photos are courtesy of Michael Leyva (@michaelleyva_)