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EXCLUSIVE: The 2018 Met Gala Hotel Departures

“There’s always something happening in New York” is something I say to friends when they ask what I love about the Big Apple. As you cross every street or avenue, the city never fails to amaze. An unplanned detour to Times Square can sometimes surprise you with a pop-up concert from a hit new band. Your GPS acting up accidentally redirects you to that hole-in-the-wall restaurant that everyone has been raving about.


Photographers lined up outside The Carlysle hotel in New York waiting for celebrities to come out


A series of unfortunate events turned into serendipity. I had a flight postponement so I decided to meet up with friends instead. As fate would gave it, as I got off the wrong station and spontaneously decided to walk ten blocks north (because of the rare great weather we have in the city) I stumbled upon “Heavenly Bodies” (read: celebrities) departing The Carlyle and The Mark Hotel on the way to “Church” AKA the Met Gala.

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Photos by Martin Romero. For the latest in fashion and sports in New York, follow photographer @martsromero