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EXCLUSIVE: We Have The Insider Details Of Heart Evangelista’s New Website


We know Heart Evangelista, the beloved screen actress; then we got acquainted with Love Marie, the artist and painter. Now, we welcome Love Marie Escudero, the online fashion and lifestyle personality. As Heart just recently launched her personal website (bearing her full, married name),, she promises to get more up-close and personal with her growing, global fan base.

 With Heart being such a regular news feature, you’d think by now we know everything about her; this year in particular, her personal life and career as a fashion icon has dominated lifestyle news. Yet, she insists that there is vastly more to know about her, that all this is just the surface of her complex world as artist, wife, style maven, entrepreneur and globe trotter.


Photo by SweetEscape


“Welcome to my world”, she greets in her video, signaling a more open interaction with her followers.

“I’m actually pretty shy”, admits Heart, recalling the early stages of her career. She wasn’t always this confident and outgoing, even going so far as to say she “hid a lot of [her] life” at first. “It was only recently that I really started to express myself—being a little bit more open with my passions and whatnot. I’ve had a roller coaster of a life, a lot of crazy ups and downs. So hopefully, people will get to know this side of me and be able to relate.”


Heart in her home office space


Heart’s growing confidence and connection to her fans can be seen with her increasing use of social media. She’s hosted plenty of livestream sessions on her Instagram, which now has 2.5 million followers, sharing news about her life, loves and career. But it’s time to take it to the next level, she notes.

“I love social media, and I use it very actively. So creating a website was perfect, because it will serve as sort of a “catch-all” to encompass all of my platforms.”, explains Heart. “Having a website allows me to be more detailed, in-depth and person with the content I share to my followers, too.”


Soon, followers can see exclusive photos of Heart and her travels directly from her


Fans and readers can expect to discover more about Heart’s passions in art, fashion, travel, interiors and so much more lifestyle-oriented slants—with her own special twist, of course. But at the same time, she wants to share more about herself, perhaps even open up to vulnerabilities she’s never made public.

“I feel like people should get to know the “Heart” beyond just the public persona.”, she says. “In this day and age, I feel like it’s important to be an influence that people can relate to and see themselves in. So, I hope a lot of women will see how their situations are not unlike mine, and they can relate to my life experiences.”

Truly, this website and the digital space is a whole new adventure for this Metro Most Stylish icon; she’s in no particular hurry, rather just enjoying the journey with her followers. She expresses, “With this website I hope to challenge myself to grow creatively - to take on new and different creative projects which I've never tried before, try out new mediums I have yet to explore. I just have so much ideas in terms of fashion, beauty, art, home décor, and etcetera, that I want to come in to fruition through this website.” 


But above all, Heart’s website is for her followers, fans, and the many inspiring women who have come her way. In a way, this website is a space for followers as much as it is hers. “I also hope to affect some kind of change within my audience.”, she says. “To hopefully inspire them as so many inspiring women have inspired me. I hope my website becomes a healthy space to learn, connect and grow with one another.”


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