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Eyewear For The Special People In Your Nice & Naughty List

Having a tough time choosing Christmas presents for everyone? Why not gift them with something practical and stylish? Here are some great eyewear that might just suit them

It’s that time of the year again when we find ourselves elbowing our way around the shopping malls and scouring every aisle and shelf of just about every store we set foot in. Indeed, it can be quite a challenge finding that perfect gift for everyone one your Christmas list. 

But one item that anyone will be happy to receive this season of gift-giving is a pair of eyewear. It’s that versatile piece that completes your look, lends you an air of mystery, and a dose of confidence. It’s not just something that shields your eyes from the glaring sunlight or the irritating pollutants in the air—it’s a statement.

No need to fret about what to give the special people in your life. Here are some stylish picks from Lacoste for those people in your naughty and nice list this Christmas:

Your Rockstar Brother

He thrives for the attention, but wants to stay mysterious. Let your Rockstar musician brother keep his persona under wraps while looking good with these sunglasses. The lenses create an air of enigma that’s irresistible, while the lightweight frames keep the wearer looking sleek and sexy.

Your Flirty Fashionista BFF

Gift your stylish, always on-trend BFF with this pretty in pink pair with mirrored lenses. It’s the perfect mix of dainty and playful. Not a fan of pastels? Then this pair of eyeglasses might be better suited for someone who wants to change their look every now and then. 

Your No-Nonsense Bookworm Dad

Whether your Bookworm dad likes sci-fi or prefers biographies, one thing is for sure: These pairs weren’t made just to improve eyesight. Far from being just functional, these frames are timeless styles that looks good on anyone.

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Your Preppy Boyfriend

Elegant designs such as these two pairs are the perfect gift for that preppy boyfriend who looks sexy and always put together in a crisp white polo and dark denims. He may be a creature of habit, but you can’t say he’s never out of style. 

Your Rebellious Friend With A Cause

Let your rebellious friend march to the beat of his or her own drum—and let their eyewear do the same! Let their feisty, daring nature take centerstage with sunglasses that stand out as they advocate for their causes and save the world.

Your Sleek Minimalist Boss

It’s all about form and function for your Minimalist friend. These pairs’ streamlined design focus on these eyepieces’ raisons d'être—to improve eyesight and protect the eyes from the harsh sunlight. They’re easy to wear, no fuss pieces that appeal to a minimalist’s low key sense of style while saying “everything is under control.”

Whatever their personality, there’s a perfect pair for them that they’ll be happy to receive this Christmas. A pair of Lacoste shades or eyeglasses are great practical gifts that are a fashion statement that will always be in vogue all seasons of the year.

All eyewear are available in Ideal Vision branches.