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Eyewear Inspo To Get You Through The Holiday Frenzy

The days seem to get longer as everyone tries to cross off items on their to do list in time for year-end. If your list never seems to end, read further and get some ideas on how to look great even when you’re as busy as one of Santa’s elves—with just one accessory

Days get busier and more hectic as we hit the height of holiday preparations and celebrations. Surely you’ve been frantically running to and fro around the city, braving the traffic, and getting everything done before the Christmas break comes.

This, however, is no excuse to look frumpy or sloppy. There’s an easy way to look put together and even manage sleek and stylish while you juggle the demands of work, family, and social life. Simply put on your favorite outfit for each task and activity—be it your good ol’ LBD, your favorite white tee and jeans, or a shift that easily goes from day to night—and pick the perfect pair of eyewear to shield your eyes from the sun or hide any signs of those late nights that you tried your best to cover up with some concealer. Because it’s really not rocket science to be effortlessly chic.

Check out these pieces for some eyewear inspo to go with your must dos for the last few weeks of the year:

Final Errands For Party Preps

A hectic day of running around the city trying to tie up loose ends for a party demands a comfortable pair of shoes, a trusty pair of jeans, and a well-fitting tee that you can easily move in. Pare down your accessories to the barest minimum, but don’t leave home without a pair of Lacoste sunglasses like these:


Coffee Catch Up With Friends

Dinner and drinks among friends are nothing new, but when everyone’s schedules don’t seem to match up, then a quick coffee catch up is in order. Pick your favorite café, find the perfect seat to chat, and sip on that cappuccino while you exchange the latest dish on each other’s lives. Put on a pair of these dark glasses to keep you looking fabulous (even while you’re talking about boring stuff like where to find the best dry cleaners).


Last Minute Shopping For Presents

Ah, those last few people on your list that you can’t seem to find the perfect gifts to give. Head over to the shopping mall or that novelty shop and finally pick out something for that person (or persons) who have everything. Should you find yourself asking the sales person for the store’s trusty ol’ gift card, pat yourself on the back for choosing a gift that gives its recipient the freedom and flexibility to get themselves anything they want. Pay for the GC, slip these cool sunnies on, and walk away triumphantly now that you’re done with your Christmas shopping.


Christmas Day With The Family

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Wake up to a beautiful Christmas morning, grateful for the gift of family and friends. Say a prayer of thanks in church, and spend the day surrounded by loved ones. As you go around town visiting the homes of family and friends, don’t forget to bring with you a pair of stylish sunglasses to cover your eyes while in transit. 


New Year’s Brunch

If you partied the night away to bid the past year goodbye and ended up with some bags under your eyes, welcome the new year in style with sleek eyewear that are versatile and always in vogue. The decade may have ended, but this only means that a new one is just starting. Savor the gift of new beginnings stylishly as you look towards a future that is hopeful and promising.


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