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Fashion Books To Wrap Up The Year 2017

We all know fashion is mostly a visual experience, seeing all that fabric, movement, and architecture come together in one cohesive sense of beauty. But once in a while, fashion does become the subject of the written word, and this is where the many things underneath the visual surface come to play. The story of designers, the rationale and the science, and of course the stunning photographs. These have been the subject of many writers, and it’s no wonder fashion books are still a treasure to the fashionista.

Now that the Christmas break has kicked-off, we now have this little breathing time to ourselves. Yes, use that free time to your advantage; go out with friends, sleep more, have a little beauty appointment, or perhaps, curl up with a nice book to read.

So, if you feel like adding up to your fashion mind (or, if you’re still looking for some last-minute gifts!), here’s some of our picks of fashion books published this year:


The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983-1992’ by Tina Brown


Hailed as one of the best books of 2017, Tina Brown’s self-chronicled tenure as the Editor-In-Chief of Vanity Fair is a mix of intrigue, wit and a whole lot of rivalry-- all for the sake of reinventing the once troubled publication.


‘The History Of Fashion Journalism’ by Kate Nelson Best

The title says it all. With a more comprehensive look into fashion journalism’s origin, and moving towards modern professionals, such as Anna Wintour, this book is a total birds’ eye view of what it means to write fashion.


‘The World of Anna Sui’ by Tim Blanks

Quirky, colorful and bold, Anna Sui is one of New York’s most beloved and successful fashion brands. This book follows the eclectic career of the American designer, as interviewed by the author, accompanied by a rich array of images, too!


Fashionpedia: The Visual Dictionary Of Fashion Design

It’s an all-around crash-course of the world of fashion. Structured like an encyclopedia, this book has everything from a guide to terminology, history, textiles, styles, measurements and care. It’s the perfect go-to manual for anyone working in fashion!


‘Dior: The Collections, 1947-2017 Catwalk’ by Adélia Sabatini and Alexander Fury

If visual stimulation is more your thing, this photographic collection of Dior’s haute couture is the ultimate fashion feast to the eyes. From his breakaway success in 1947, to the Dior power house we know today, this is the story of the brand told in pictures. Plus, it makes a stunning coffee table book.



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