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Fashion Designers Alliance Manila Celebrates A Decade Of Filipino Artistry

The collective expands across the country in support of up-and-coming fashion designers.

Bringing and supporting skilled up-and-coming designers into the spotlight is FaDAL Manila's leading objective. For over 10 years, the fashion designers collective have been scouting for fresh Filipino fashion designers. To further expand and shape the country's gaze towards fashion, FaDAL expands to Baguio and Mindanao to welcome designers coming from different styles and aesthetics whilst showcasing their own craft in jewellery, bags, shoes, and clothes of course! As the first to touch these parts of the region for design and style, FaDAL is up on its feet for the party of the year.

Levenson Rodriquez, founder and and creatur-in-chief of FaDAL sets off an appreciation party slated for March 11, 2020 (today) at Revel At The Palace to honor the esteemed alumnis and budding Filipino designers. From fashion household names as Cheetah Rivera, Nat Manilag, and Dimple Lim to the newest designers on the scene, each will be rewarded for their contribution to the industry and their remarkable designing skills. The stylish gathering will also serve as a fundraising event for Philippine fashion industry icon, Fredrick Peralta.

Levenson Rodriguez
Cheetah Rivera
Nat Manilag
Apple Lim