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Fashion Meets Architecture With This Celeb-Approved Shoe Line

Shoe lovers, rejoice! Designer footwear brand United Nude founded and creative directed by renowned architect Rem D Koolhas will finally be in Manila come September this year!


Rem D Koolhaas at the United Nude Launch in Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila


Known for his out-of-the-box and one-of-a-kind designs, Koolhaas began his shoemaking business with no prior education in fashion or footwear design. Having had these amazing ideas for shoes, he decided to make them himself, with no help from other established footwear brands. 


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"We ended up breaking the rules of shoes, not for the sake of breaking them, but simply by not knowing them," says Koolhaas, who entered the shoemaking industry as a young architect. He talks about this philosophy further. “It’s not so much that I wanted to make what others wouldn’t make, but more that people who already knew more about shoes simply wouldn’t go there as my way of shoe design was just not logical enough from the point of conventional shoemaking.”



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Despite critics thinking his designs weren't feasible for selling to a major market, Koolhaas pressed on and stuck to his vision of creating cutting edge footwear for fashion's discerning crowd. His philosophy of using architecture and downsizing its principles to be applied to something as small as shoes is seen in the amazing creations the brand has put out the past 15 years. 

Apart from having celebrities like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj wear his creations, United Nude has also collaborated with other well-known labels in the fashion industry such as Issey Miyake, Linda Farrow, Iris Van Herpen, and Antoine Peters. 


The United Nude Ambassadors with Rem D Koolhaas. (From L to R) Miguel Cuneta, Ivy Almario, Cynthia Almario, Arvie de Vera, Royal Pineda, William Ti, Lara Fernandez Barrios, Geolette Esguerra, Hannah Yulo, and event host Janeena Chan.



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Check out the celebrities spotted wearing United Nude in the past years: 




Already being sold in 50 countries worldwide, United Nude is set to open its first local boutique at the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila.

Gallery photos via United Nude