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Fashion Resolutions: Wardrobe Habits To Start Now

Although every year is an opportunity to change our fashion consumption for the better, this year extra urgent; we’re entering a new era in which environmental awareness and unhealthy buying patterns are becoming a center of conversation. While we don’t want to bombard you with statistics again, it is worth reminding how fashion, an estimated $2.4 trillion industry is also one of the most toxic globally.

That being said, these resolutions here aren’t just for environmental purposes; they are also for your ease of mind, and closet. After all, it’s easier to permanently stick to resolutions when we can feel the change and benefits!


1. De-Clutter

Some of us really can’t help being a clutter bug, from our desks, to our clothes and things. But really, all these things add up to a chaotic lifestyle. In terms of fashion, a disorganized, stuffed and messy wardrobe means less chances to appreciate what we already have. Have you ever stared at your brimming closet, and thought, ‘I have nothing to wear!’? Check again, it might just be because everything is cluttered.

Fashion bloggers, who have succeeded in this resolution, swear by applying the “KonMari” method (a tidy-up strategy popularized by organizing expert, Marie Kondo), which not only re-organized their wardrobe, but also enabled them to ease their minds, explore their style further, and even save some money.


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2. Re-use and Repeat

Our followers here know that we’re huge advocates of reusing and repeating clothes; it’s our right as modern women! No woman should ever be shamed for wearing her expensive clothes more than once—seriously, think of how much money that saves! But that being said, if you feel like switching things up without really shelling out much cash, consider clothes swapping with your stylish friends; and if you really need a new-ish fancy dress to wear once, consider dresses for rent, like Talulah’s Closet—these will save you from buying just one-wear splurges!


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3. Recycle and Donate

Let’s say you’ve de-cluttered, and now you have a pile of clothes that you want to get rid of properly. We don’t want any more textile waste! After you’ve tried selling, or handing down some of your clothes to friends and family, consider donating your clothes to charities and social support groups. These groups help provide clothes for disaster victims, struggling families, or even work towards recycling them. If you’re interested, we highly recommend groups like the H&M Garment Collection (available in leading H&M stores) for dropping off clothes you want to recycle; and for clothes you want to donate, consider giving them to the Department Of Social Welfare And Development (DSWD), of the Philippine Salvation Army.


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4. Embrace Slow Fashion

Buying less, but better clothes is at the heart of the slow fashion movement; in theory, you want to avoid wasteful consumption, like constantly buying from fast fashion retailers for clothes you know you will eventually throw out. The lesser clothes you buy, the more money you can allocate to investment pieces, like that new Dior jacket you know you can keep forever. It’s both a simple, and difficult resolution to keep. While the rewards of these are not apparent right away, in the long run you are allocating your money towards a more sustainable and ethical system for the fashion industry, like fair wages, artisan craftsmanship and quality control.


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5. Support Local

Lastly, one efficient way to get into slow fashion is to buy from your local artisans. Fortunately for us, there is currently a boom of Philippine designers and artisans to choose from. These local businesses will most likely have social media accounts, and sell online, so they will be easy to find. You can also attend local crafts conventions, like the Artefino fair, where some of the finest and most dedicated crafts masters come to sell their designs. Don’t forget to ask for their social accounts! That way, not only do you get absolutely unique pieces, but you also put money into our own local talent.


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