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Feeling The Bridal Season? Here are 5 Bridal Trends You Can Wear Casually

June is here, and we’re getting ready for the summer bridal season! Chances are within this month you’ll be swooning over gorgeous dresses, bridal looks, bridesmaids' accessories, and the like. But the good news is, you don’t have to be in a bride yourself to pull off some bridal trends for your daily outing.

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If you’re feeling the romance and in the mood to dress up while you're at it, try out these wedding trends for that subtle touch of magic this month:


Hair Accessories

Everyone loves wedding hair—that carefully styled updo with a stunning embellishment. Usually, this look requires the careful touch of a hairstylist; but you can easily replicate the look for much less with a fancy hair comb. Insert it on a ponytail, messy bun, or even on just a side-sweep to add that extra glamour on your look.


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Statement Bows

Who doesn’t love that feminine applique? When placed strategically on the waist, they can emphasize your curves in the most flattering way. Fortunately, this trend has already cascaded to womenswear staples, and is a much-loved look by all!



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Stacked Rings

These days, jewelry brands package both the engagement ring and wedding band into a gorgeous set, so you can easily coordinate and wear both rings stylishly. You can easily replicate this look with jeweled stacking rings—plus, add more!


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Lace Dresses

Don’t you just love that breezy feeling against the heat of summer? All-over lace dresses aren’t just for weddings; you can easily sport one for the summer to add some floral romanticism to your ensemble.




Bejeweled Shoes

You definitely don’t need a wedding to feel like putting on those fancy shoes. But bridal shoes in particular are known to get embellished with finery like pearls and Swarovski crystals, which we’re all for! It’s the easiest way to dress up even the most casual of looks!



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Lead photo by Valerie Elash