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Films Every Fashion Girl Should Binge Watch During The Holy Week Break

No plans for the Holy Week? We’ve listed down the ultimate fashion movie marathon list so you don’t have to. From cult favorites to indie discoveries, take fashion cues from these must-see flicks that will keep you company for the rest of the week.


1. Clueless

Let’s admit it, we've all dreamt of having Cher’s (Alicia Silverstone) virtual closet too. This 1995 classic has every 90’s fashion must-haves that are still relevant to this day. From her now iconic yellow plaid set to taking her driver’s license exam in a white sheer dress, this movie will never run out of major fashion moments that we should take cues from.


2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

All is fair in love and war as Andi Anderson (Kate Hudson) shows us what not to do in a relationship, in style.  Watch how she drives Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey) crazy and fall in love with her impeccable style in a span of ten days.


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3. Hundred Foot Journey

This heart wrenching drama tells the story of how one family overcomes their tragedies in life through their passion for food. However, this movie will also give you French style envy with how effortlessly chic Charlotte Le Bon’s character looks in this film.


4. The Royal Tenenbaums

If you’re in a creative rut, this Wes Anderson masterpiece is sure to boost your creative juices with its artsy aesthetic and unapologetic fashion. From athleisure to fur coats, this movie has got it all.


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5. The Great Gatsby

Bask in the glamorous 1920s as told by Baz Luhrmann. This movie has major fashion moments happening in every frame and can you even count how many Great Gatsby themed parties have you been to since this movie came out?


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6. The Devil Wears Prada

This movie on a fashion film list, groundbreaking, we know. But who can resist re-watching Andy Sachs' (Anne Hathaway) Chanel style transformation that we’re honestly still waiting to happen to us in real life.


7. Age of Adaline

As if Blake Lively needs more reason to be our ultimate style crush, here she is showing us that she can rock any look from every decade. In this movie she plays the role of a woman who got struck by lightning and miraculously remained youthful for decades. Much like her never aging look in this, her gorgeous outfits never seems to get old either. 


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