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Get Out Of That Workwear Rut With 5 Key Pieces

We know you're probably enjoying this rainy weekend, either chilling at home watching Netflix while cuddling with your furry friends, or out on the town grabbing a drink or two with your loved ones. While you're not exactly in a work frame of mind just yet, we offer a bit of inspiration for looking A+ in the style department at work this coming week! 


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Some #inspo for the new week ahead


If your office doesn't have a strict dress code, then you're in luck, as this allows for style experiments and riskier choices when it comes to your #girlboss attire! Here we give you some of the key pieces to look out for on your next shopping trip, things you can add here and there to keep things interesting, so you never have to fall into the "I have nothing to wear to work" rut.


A fun shoe

Photo: Sergio Rossi

Shoes are a crucial part of your daily outfit as it can literally make or break a look. Don't dare go to work in beat-up sneakers or dated heels if you want your boss to take you seriously in the style department. A fun shoe to wear this season is the hybrid between a slip-on and a loafer, as it hits two birds with one stone: comfort and style!


An updated black blazer

Photo: Iris & Ink

Black blazers are a staple in our closets, that's a given, but certain cuts are already outdated, and do nothing for your style quotient. It's 2018, why not shake things up a bit by opting for a black blazer in a riskier cut such as this? Bell sleeves aren't going anywhere anytime soon, so giving this a go would be a good move.


An unexpected skirt

Photo: 3.1 Phillip Lim

The past season may not have been called the season of the skirt but it might as well have been. Up until now, we've been seeing creative cuts on skirts, upping everyone's game in this department. Why not bring this energy into the work scene by donning a classic khaki skirt in a cut that's very now? Did we mention that it's comfy too?


A bag that means business

Photo: Miu Miu

It's great to carry an eco bag with you daily, but it's a totally wrong decision to make it your work bag. Save that for the weekend market or for emergencies! When facing another work day, invest in a sturdy, stylish office bag that's roomy enough for your essentials. It's a great pick for after-work cocktails too!


Girlboss glasses

Photo: Stella McCartney

If you're one of those four-eyed gals in the office, we say upgrade those frames with chic ones, pairs that can be your personal style signature everyday. We love this tortoiseshell pair with gold chain, giving off all the right retro vibes.


Lead photo via Street Style Gallery