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Going Apes**t! The Carters Give Us A Fashion And Art Tandem In Their New Music Video

Music videos rarely cause a global stir; but when they do, it’s because Beyoncé is in it.


Fans eagerly anticipating the release of power-couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s album Everything Is Love got more than they bargained for; along with the release of the album, a cinematic music video for their single “Apeshit” was also released. More than the catchy tune and loaded lyrics, “Apeshit” commanded the attention of viewers as it takes place in the Louvre Museum, with Beyoncé and Jay-Z bedecked in lavish fashion.


For this project, Beyoncé worked with her long-time stylist Zerina Akers, while Jay-Z worked with stylist June Ambrose, to put together looks that would stand-out and compliment the works of art in the Louvre. The results are a clash of pop-culture, art history, symbolism and couture. You definitely need to watch it more than once!


But if you’re on the lookout for what clothes are on the Queen B, here’s a quick look at what labels made it alongside works of art in the video:


Peter Pilotto in pink, before the Mona Lisa


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In this scene, Beyoncé wears a matching pink silk suit from Peter Pilotto’s AW18 collection. Notice how she and Jay-Z just stand out against the baroque-style paintings with their pastel-hued attire.



Stephen Rolland and Alexis Mabille recreate The Winged Victory Of Samothrace

Set against regal and broken statue of Nike, Beyoncé wears the finest couture, combining a white gown by Stephen Rolland, with a voluminous cape by Alexis Mabille.


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Versace in the Grand Gallery halls

With its decadent patterns, this Versace ensemble on Beyoncé is easy to identify. But it’s interesting to note that her posture and look seems to echo another painting in the museum: the Portrait d’une négresses (Portrait of a negress), which depicts a nameless, black woman in an objectified, colonial perspective.



MCM with the Great Sphinx Of Tanis


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In a matching hat and body suit, Beyoncé wears MCM for a leather clad, street style look as they stand in front of the mythical Egyptian creature.



Burberry before The Consecration Of The Emperor Napoleon And The Coronation of Empress Joséphine


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Against the wide backdrop of the iconic French painting, Beyoncé wears a matching Burberry top and leggings, which makes her standout from the other dancers as queen.



John Galliano imitates Venus De Milo

It’s a little difficult to tell with the blue light, but the Queen B is wearing a pink John Galliano body suit, possibly to echo the sensual depiction of goddess Venus behind them.



Balmain for the Louvre Pyramid

In the night scenes outside the museum, Beyoncé rocks a Balmain ensemble, as she and Jay-Z position themselves by the iconic glass pyramind by I.M. Pei.


See more of the Louvre Museum here:


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Lead photo via Apesh**t music video.