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Guess What Style Maven Cat Arambulo-Antonio Swaps Her Christian Louboutins With?

We’re used to seeing fashionista mom, interior designer, and social media influencer Cat Arambulo wearing killer heels like Loubutins in her blog and social media posts. But she admits that gone are her “tiis ganda” days when she’d choose to sacrifice comfort for fashion, since she now has kids to run around and play with. Her current preference: comfy, versatile sneakers by Dr. Kong, a shoe brand that’s synonymous with foot and spinal care.

In fact, she swears by the brand so much that she decided to have a collaboration with its makers. Officially known as DK x Cat Arambulo Spring/Summer 2018, the five-shoe collection is composed of casual footwear that is comfortable to work in and play with, and stylish enough to dress up or down depending on your mood. The shoes come in neutral colors—including Cat’s signature black and white—making it perfect to pair with your favorite outfits.

Cat’s “love affair” with Dr. Kong started even before she began working with the brand. It was her mother who introduced her to Dr. Kong, and since then, she has been a firm believer in its benefits for herself and her kids.

“It’s important to have good shoes for your growing child because this will affect them forever,” she says. “Stability is important!”

In December of 2017, Dr. Kong Philippines flew Cat to Hong Kong to visit Dr. Kong headquarters and meet the founder, Dr. Raymond Ng. It was during this trip that she found out how its focus on foot and spinal care elevates Dr. Kong shoes from other brands. The said meeting was also where the idea to do the collaboration was born.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio with Dr. Kong founder Raymond Ng and head of business development Ronald Chow

Established in 1999, Dr. Kong prides itself for being the first brand to provide free foot checking in-store in order to better recommend the most suitable foot care products needed by customers of all ages. Their shoe range includes slides, sandals, pumps, loafers, and athletic shoes for men, women, and children of all ages. Their product line also extends to ergonomically designed bags, as well as foot care products.

The limited edition DK x Cat Spring/Summer 2018 collection is exclusively available in the following Dr. Kong branches: Uptown BGC, Greenbelt 5, Ayala The 30th, and Robinsons Magnolia.



You guys can’t imagine how much sh*t I got for posting designer/expensive brands in the past. Little did people know, I was actually testing, studying and dissecting the luxury brands I was using so I could develop MY brand, create and co-create my own products. ??My goal: Affordable Luxury! . Truth: I love designer brands and luxury goods BUT I hate paying full price for it. Plus, if there’s anything I learned: NOT everything expensive is the best quality or comfortable. Haha! #Truth . So in an attempt to marry style, price and the luxury of comfort... I teamed up with HK’s TOP Brand of healthy shoes Dr. Kong to create sneakers which I think are pretty cool, super versatile, VERY comfortable and most importantly AFFORDABLE.?? . After months in the making, the first batch of #DKxCAT shoes will be available in selected @drkongshoesph in Manila starting tom: May 1, 2018. . ??Uptown BGC ??Ayala 30th ??Robinsons Magnolia ??Greenbelt 5 . I’m spilling more details and branding secrets on the blog:! . NOTE: I’m wearing ME from head to toe. Top & Pants are #MosaicxCat and Shoes are #DKxCat. Oh and my cellphone case + pop is by me too, Haha! Everything I’m using.... is nothing fancy or expensive. Just good quality, comfortable, stylish and very AFFORDABLE LUXURY. . Trust me, I’m actually a lot smarter and more substantial than what •insert name here• and some IG posts paint me to be.?? . . Credits: Filmed by JC using @sony. Edited by me! . #CatArambuloOOTD #DKxCat #BrandLicense #SupportLocalWorkGlobal #StyleAndSubstance #AffordableLuxury #CommitmentTrustCredibility . #DKxCA logo was created by my dear friend @oliviarepotente

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