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Happy Ongpauco-Tiu Shares 3 Wardrobe Essentials For The Modern Working Woman

This woman of style relies on three must-haves for everyday chic.

True women of style know how to make their fashion taste a seamless part of their lives, and they are admired for it. Their smart choices on what to wear where and on what occasion are naturally chic that we’d love to know their secrets to dressing the way they do!

One lady we truly admire for her polished and sophisticated style is Happy Concept Group’s mastermind Happy Ongpauco-Tiu. The chef and entrepreneur, who’s been whipping up delectable and visually palatable feasts for her businesses like Pamana, Le' Chon, and Private Dining by Happy Concept Group, serves a ton of style inspiration as well.

In an episode of Metro Channel’s Women of Style, we invaded the restaurateur’s closet and discovered her wardrobe essentials—pieces that offer her effortless everyday glam. Intrigued to know her trusty, go-to ensemble? For her, it’s about versatility and comfort. She lists down her three top picks!

1. Printed wrap dress

Happy describes wrap dresses as her ‘uniform.’ “I’m a wrap girl. If you see me during the day—in my restaurants or picking up my kids, most of the time, I'm wearing a wrap dress,” she shares. “You can go in and out of the kitchen, then you can just powder up and then go to a meeting and you’re still dressed up.”

2. A trusty pair of shoes and a simple bag

The entrepreneur prefers nude shoes as it’s the easiest to pair with almost anything in her closet. Happy matches it with a plain but sturdy bag to accessorize. “Always, a pair of nude shoes and a plain bag to match something printed,” she explains.

3. A classic piece paired with an interesting accessory

As a lover of timeless style, this combination is a practical but still a chic choice. “For example, I wear a shirt, I always pair it up with a more interesting accessory just to give [it] that spark. It may be neutral, it may look simple, but I count on the shoes and the belts that will accessorize it,” Happy ends.

Watch Happy Ongpauco-Tiu share what’s in her closet and her must-have pieces here: