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Have You Been Pronouncing "Versace" Wrong Your Whole Life?

Let's admit it: some fashion labels just don't roll off the tongue. Names like Hermès, Miu Miu, Marchesa, Givenchy, and Balmain are prone to being mispronounced—but we're glad Donatella Versace finally set the record straight—and to our horror, the world has been pronouncing "Versace" wrong!



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In an interview with Vogue, the chief designer of the luxury group was asked which Italian word she wished English speakers would stop saying incorrectly. Her answer? Versace! Apparently, her brand isn't pronounced as "Versach-ee", but as "Versach-eh". (Has anyone phoned Bruno Mars about this yet?)

The fashion icon was also asked what she would be doing in her free time if she were not running Versace. Of course, she immediately replied, "Having a nervous breakdown, probably". 



Watch the fabulous designer's episode of 73 Questions here, where she gives a tour around her Milan house, talks about which fashion trend she wishes will never return (spoiler alert: minimalism), and spills which clothing item every woman should have in her wardrobe.



Cover photo from @versace