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Here Are 5 Interesting Things You Should Know About KC Concepcion's "Avec Moi" Jewelry Line


If there’s anything that can be said about KC Concepcion, it’s that she is in constant pursuit of that joie de vivre (joy of living). The multitalented showbiz royalty—who lived in Paris for five years and has developed an affinity for the French term—loves taking on passion projects, which include her involvement in the World Food Programme for Hunger as its ambassadress as well as her online shop KC’s Closet.

It’s been about three years ago since this actress, singer, and host took a step back from the showbiz limelight . And as it turns out, KC had spent and maximized that time to redefine herself and rethink her life strategies. The realization she has arrived at during this time is that she “wanted to create something that meant something special to me.”



She doesn’t exactly consider herself a fashionista, but she does take particular interest in fine jewelry. KC shares, “I can wear t-shirt and torn jeans and have my fine jewelry on my hand, and I can tie thread or leather ropes and rubber bands and have a real piece with real diamonds on it.”

KC feels that every woman should invest in fine jewelry, because not only does it instantly lend a luxurious and tasteful touch to any outfit, it also appreciates in value over time and is therefore a smart investment.



This realization, coupled with the fact that she grew up with women who love jewelry, prompted her to start her own jewelry line which she called Avec Moi by Kristina.

Last March 20, Avec Moi was launched in an intimate event held at Manila House in BGC, Taguig. The limited debut collection features 26 fine, carefully handmade pieces that feature rose designs with diamonds and precious stones in 14K and 18K yellow, rose, and white gold—all designed and created by KC herself!

From the sketching to the sourcing of materials to the actual production, the blossoming entrepreneur saw the whole design process through.


KC Concepcion at the Avec Moi launch, wearing a custom Jot Losa dress / Photo by Grace Libero-Cruz


All the pieces for Avec Moi's first collection bear rose designs, rose being KC's favorite flower that she feels is a "symbol of womanhood." / Photo by Grace Libero-Cruz


But while she is very much passionate about this new venture, KC said that she doesn’t plan on mass producing items to sell in a store. Every Avec Moi piece is unique and truly one of a kind since it is handcrafted with KC’s signature, and she plans to maintain it that way. The process of creating one item may be tedious but it’s one that she definitely enjoys. Her idea for this venture is more personal and eventually more collaborative with the client. “If someone wants the black rose with rose gold, I’ll ask what’s your budget then I’ll start creating what suits her personality,” she says.

Unfortunately, all the pieces from her debut collection are already reserved or sold, so those who want to have their own Avec Moi piece will have to place a special order or wait for her next collection.


The first Avec Moi collection includes earrings, rings, and necklaces. Bracelets, KC says, will be part of her next collection, which, she hints, will include silver items. / Photos by Marie Francia


As with all business ventures, there are birth pains, and for KC, the challenge she needs to take on now that she has launched the brand is to make people see the value of what she’s selling and make them realize the significance of investing in fine jewelry.

“When you’re already middle income and you’re already able to afford travels or the status bag, I think the next step is to look at something that will last a long time. You can have a Chanel bag, you could’ve already flown to Korea, so what’s next? For me, it’s a piece of fine jewelry,” KC shares during Avec Moi’s intimate launch.  

“Jewelry is so personal, it’s something that touches your skin and stays there, something that you keep close to your body. It’s very sensual. It excites me. Parang nakakakita ako ng fave dessert ko. I always window shop. Kinikilig ako when I see diamonds.” 


KC took a break from showbiz but she shared that she is having meetings with ABS-CBN for possible projects. With her hiatus, KC has learned to "choose to do things I really feel strongly about. I’ve learned to say 'no.'" But saying "no" to some things could also mean saying "yes" to something else, and the new opportunities that await her and her jewelry line excite her. / Photo by Grace Libero-Cruz


Here are five interesting things about KC's passion project and new business venture:


1. The women in KC's life inspired her to start her own jewelry line, especially her late grandmother Elaine Cuneta. "I’ve always grown up with women who love jewelry, and it was just natural for me to come up with my own jewelry pieces growing up, because believe it or not, I used to hate earrings. I used to hate wearing jewelry because I felt like there was maraming abubot. But growing up, my grandmother would get upset, she would lecture me on pearls, diamonds, stones, gold. I think just seeing the women in my life have a love for jewelry, it became super natural for me to have that love later, and diamonds are an investment. It’s something that I feel you should buy when you’re 26, 30, 35 or 40. It will increase in value so 'di ka masasayangan." 


2. The brand name, "Avec Moi," is French for "with me," and it was inspired by her late grandmother. "I always wear her rings because I feel like she’s always with me. That’s why I called it 'Avec Moi' in French. It means 'with me,' so if you have your own piece, you will have your own stories to tell, and when you wear those pieces or pass them on or give them to someone, that piece or that person will be with you wherever you go."


3. Rose is KC's favorite flower, which explains why it's a recurring theme in her collection. "For me, it’s like a symbol of womanhood. It feels to me like the rose can be both gentle and strong, both resilient but also so fragile. And when you look at roses, I get kilig, seeing roses. It’s something that has always resonated with me. It’s very sensual but every rose has its thorn, and it’s just something that gives people [a reason] to celebrate something, to make someone just feel special. And so, when I started loving roses, it felt to me, like I was growing. It’s really like Chanel has a Camellia, Dior also has roses, and I think, one of my favorite fashion designers is also Dior so it kind of had an influence in me."


4. The shapes and the geometric patterns of her pieces have Parisian influences. "Maybe that was an influence of Paris as a city, it was something that was visually yummy for me. It was so delicious to see the buildings, the curves of the art noveau, art deco, and I think that kind of came out in my collection."


5. KC says an Avec Moi girl is independent, and both fragile and strong. "I use a lot of black also because a woman is not just soft, she can also stand up for herself and she can also carve her own path. For me, it’s somebody that is a true woman in the sense that she is not a pushover but she's also someone who can influence others for the better."




Photos courtesy of Avec Moi