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Here's How To Plan Your Wardrobe For A Week, Even A Month, According To A Fashion Editor

Mornings can feel sluggish, especially days wherein you’re supposed to be in a complete rush and the weather insists you’d rather stay snuggled up in bed. You then realize you’ve got to work with five-minute makeup and it can get pretty overwhelming to stare at your closet, clueless of what to wear for the day.

This is where the secret weapon comes to play. Planning your wardrobe for a week (or for a month, even) can spare more time for beauty rest and save you from getting caught by fashion police. 


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Know your agenda (and the weather) for the week.

Fashion editor and stylist Randz Manucom shares the importance of knowing “where you’re going, what the weather is, your body shape and what will make you feel good about yourself”, when planning an outfit.

It’s crucial to know what plans you have for each day of the week because that’s where your outfits are going to revolve around. Pick out some work-appropriate outfits for the days you’ll be stuck in the office and if you have a planned date on Friday night, you can never go wrong with a classic LBD and some red lipstick.



Since we only have two seasons, days are either sunny or showery. Hit up the weather app to see if you have appropriate clothing prepared for the rest of the week. You wouldn’t want to risk your favorite pair of sneakers out in the pouring rain.


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Choose pieces you know you’ll actually wear.

Rummage through your closet and choose the pieces that you actually like and will wear. It’s very common to keep items that you’ve worn once but swore you’ll never wear again for various reasons.

When planning your wardrobe for a week, it’s best to choose the ones that you know will make you feel good. For instance, planning your wardrobe on a Sunday afternoon and not liking the particular top you chose when Tuesday morning comes, you might get the urge to hunt down your closet again… and that defeats the purpose of planning.



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Release your inner girl scout. 

Meeting cancellations, last minute schedule shifts, and mood swings are normal.

“It becomes a challenge when I plan a certain outfit for a particular day and then on the day of, I don’t feel like wearing it anymore or my mood changes or my schedule changes”, explains Randz. Make sure you are ready for these things when you decide on planning your wardrobe for a week.

Another thing is, you might have planned beforehand but imagine getting a call from your client or your boss that you’re not going to the office, but to a last-minute site-visit and a pair of black pointed toe pumps is on your outfit-for-the-day list. Be prepared and options always come in handy.


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