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Here's How You Can Put Your Old Clothes To Good Use

Sustainability in fashion is such a hot topic these days, and minimizing our carbon footprint is the practice du jour. Here in Manila, the movement isn't as widespread as we hope it would be, but gradually, communities and companies are already taking positive action to help get this cause up and running.


Clothing company giants such as The Gap have put up international environmental campaigns that aim to help minimize clothing waste, and help customers spend wisely. Check out Gap For Good to learn more about this endeavour.


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The idea of all our old, used clothing piling up in some landfill and never really going anywhere is scary—sooner or later we will run out of space to dump all that unwanted trash and it will contribute to our environment's demise. While we still can, why not use our own little power of action to take control of the future in this aspect? Here are some ways in which we can clean out our closets and still find a way to contribute to helping the environment. Next time you decide to throw a piece of old clothing away, think twice, and opt to go these routes instead:


Hold a swap meet with your girlfriends!

Instead of going the usual garage sale route, why not gather a box of your goods that are still worthy of being worn by others? That statement blazer you wore just once and can't seem to find another event for, those accessories that you can't pair with anything in your current wardrobe, or those gowns that you wore to all those formal events in the past? You know what they say, "one person's trash, another person's treasure." You'll never know what gems you will find in your friends' closets, so why not give it a try? This way, you lessen wasting perfectly good pieces. 


Bring old clothes to H&M and get 15% off on your next purchase.

One of the things we love about H&M apart from ever updated collections is their efforts to give back to the environment via their sustainability campaign. One of their biggest messages to customers is to bring old clothing, fabrics, and anything that could be recycled into new fabrics again to their stores so that these can be processed to create new ones. Instead of leaving old clothes to collect dust and basically be useless, why not take it along with you on your next trip to the mall and as a gift, H&M gives you 15% off on your next purchase. Watch their campaign video below:


Discard old denim at The Gap.

The iconic brand's campaign dubbed "Recycle Your Blues" is their way of managing waste, especially that of denim, and making sure that despite the volume of new products they produce, they are able to give back to Mother Earth by managing waste. Customers basically donate old pairs of jeans to Gap stores, and as a gift, they receive a 40% off voucher on their next denim purchase. Sounds good to us! Once collected, these jeans are then brought to beneficiary centers, so less fortunate people can make use of your pre-loved pairs. 


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Shop vintage. 

By vintage, we don't really mean our beloved ukay ukay (although this one's a good idea too, if you have the patience to scour racks of old clothing). A great new website taking over the fashion industry is The Fifth Collection, gaining popularity because of its curated pre-loved luxury vintage goods that can be the latest addition to your collection. This basically means thinking twice before buying another brand new item from a boutique, but rather, sifting through vintage pieces found from all over the world online. Some items still have tags attached, while some are pre-loved, but are exquisite in the sense that they are limited edition, or cannot simply be bought at the mall during this time. If you're a lover of pieces that have a story or are hard to find, then you'll love shopping on this site. Check out their philosophy via this video:


Lead photos via The Gap