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Here's What You Can Do With Your Bridesmaid's Dress After The Wedding

Wedding season is still in full swing here in the Philippines, with lots of balikbayan relatives coming home for the holidays, relatively colder weather, and an overall cheerful attitude that seems to envelope everyone this time of year—it is but natural that couples would want to have their special day happen around this time.

But after the wedding is done, the bridesmaids (that take part in 2-3 weddings during this season) who usually have to dress up a certain way, are left with a bunch of gowns and dresses that are doomed to just sit in their closets, never seeing the light of day. This is a perfect waste of fabric, money, and effort if you ask us! Here, we share some ways you can maximize those dresses for the rest of the year. Chances are you got that dress for free, so why not give your bride a bang for her buck by making the most of what she shelled out for?

1. Reinvent it for the beach.

Re-work that bridesmaid dress by rocking it to a beach party or yet another beach wedding, and add beachy elements like leather sandals, and a native-looking clutch to create a different look. Chances are, you were using subdued, classic-looking shoes and a clutch during the actual wedding you wore it to, so now is the time to make it look different!


2. Add an edgy element to the dress and take it out to a social event.

Layering your bridesmaid dress with an edgy piece such as a biker jacket is the perfect way to make your entourage moment almost unrecognizable. You don't necessarily have to opt for one in the same shade, but rather go for the classic black leather biker jacket and you're good to go!


3. Accessorize it!

Go crazy with your choice of accessories for the next time you decide to wear the dress most especially when the dress is a plain one, with a rather basic sort of fabric. This makes for the perfect canvas to let your personal style run wild. Add hoop earrings, booties, an ornate clutch, or a bold neckpiece to come up with a stunning ensemble.

Lead photo from Leave Her Wilder Instagram