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Here's What You Should Be Wearing To Visita Iglesia

The Holy Week is upon us, and if you're like most Filipinos, then plans include either heading out of town with family and friends, or doing your annual rounds of the country's most beautiful churches. This means waking up bright and early to visit seven different churches to pray, hence, a very busy day. What's a girl to do if she wants to do all this in style? Comfort is key, no doubt, but your look doesn't have to suffer. This doesn't mean showing skin to get attention either. You'll want to keep it modest, proper, and efficient. With our simple styling hacks, you'll solve those fashion dilemmas in no time! Check out our top picks for what to wear while doing your Visita Iglesia:


A comfortable sundress

Dresses are great picks for this time of year, as it doesn't just allow you to look as feminine as you want, but lets you move about as freely as you want too. Choose a cotton dress in either stripes or floral to allow for longevity in your closet!

Photo: Tie-waist shirtdress in stripes by J.Crew


Roomy pants

Take advantage of the square pants and culottes out in the market today, for these are some of your wardrobe best friends! They're great for travel, and this time of year. They're usually made of flowy fabrics, which allow you to walk around all day without the uncomfortable feeling tight jeans sometimes bring. 

Photo: Polka dot trousers by TRF by ZARA


A stylish sling bag

The last thing you want for busy days like this is to lug around a bag that's as heavy as bricks. You'll want to be as mobile as possible, so keep your essentials to a bare minimum and stash them in a cute sling bag like this, so it's attached to your body no matter what. 

Photo: Signet Circle bag in Italian leather by J.Crew


Cute Sunglasses

Holy Week usually happens right smack in the middle of summer, or when the sun shines the brightest. These days tend to get really warm, and sunshine can be pretty harsh on those peepers! Protect them the stylish way with a cute pair of shades!

Photo: The Kelsey by Sunnies Studios


Comfortable Stylish Shoes

If there's one no-brainer for Visita Iglesia, it's to don a pair of ultra comfortable shoes that will take you from the first church to the seventh! And before you equate comfy shoes for ugly shoes, think again! We're blessed with so many options in the market these days, we literally have no excuse to say there's nothing to buy!

Photo: Lou Slide Sandal by Vionic


Lead photo from @women_with_style