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Here’s How You Can Declutter Your Closet For The New Year

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo got us hooked and inspired to make cleaning resolutions for 2019. After all, a new year brings another chance for us to become organized for good. There may be no magic formula that could make you get everything done at once, but it’s all about starting somewhere—like your closet.

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“You have to keep life simple with systems in place so you find the time to focus on what is important to you,” said professional organizer Mica Canto who—through Tidily Ever After—helps people reclaim their spaces by decluttering, organizing, and designing. With efficiency, practicality, sustainability, and design as her greatest influences in the biz for nearly six months now, her minimalist style accompanied with a zero waste philosophy continues to shine through as she puts up long-term solutions for those who are hoping to revamp their rooms to better suit their needs. 



Admit it, you have that one secret catch-all closet.?? ????????? You’re rushing out and need to switch bags, *stuff it in the closet* ????????? You’re gifted something you can’t wear just yet, *stuff it in the closet* ????????? Guests are about to arrive,*stuff EVERYTHING in the closet!* ?? ????????? Before long, you have this monster of a space that you just don’t want to deal with! This was the last closet my client wanted to declutter, but I just had to do it! While we aren’t quite done yet, it’s a HUGE difference already, right? ????????? Do you have a catch-all closet you need help with? ????????? ????????? ????????? #tidilyeverafter #tidytime #declutter #clutterfree #organization #closet #closetorganization #closettransformation

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Curious as to how you can go about tidying up this year à la Marie Kondo? Here's what the local pro revealed to us in an online interview:


Take everything out.

“There’s something jarring about seeing an empty space that makes you not want to mess it up again,” mused Mica. “The empty closet will make you realize the finite spaces that you are dealing with in keeping your clothes because at the end of the day, there is really only so much you can reasonably stuff in your closets.”


Be honest with yourself.

For the professional organizer, it would be helpful to consider making your closet reflect your lifestyle. “I had a client who was too busy to go to the gym but 50% of her wardrobe was athletic wear. We were able to cull her gym clothes collection so she could make room for clothes she needed for work,” she shared. “A lot of times, we have aspirational clutter—the gym clothes we feel will make us fit, the really tight dress for ‘when we lose weight’ and so on. Once we are aware of it, it gets easier to let these go.”


Buy, use, and keep only the things you love.

“Women, on average, only use 20% of their current wardrobe. Minimalism is about removing the unnecessary and keeping only the essential. Keep only the things you absolutely love,” stressed the Tidily Ever After head. “Each and every item in your closet will need some level of caring, packing away, washing, laundering, repair, and if you aren’t ready to do any of those things, it’s best to leave them at the store or let them go. Love what you have and use them enjoyably.”



A client once told me she didn’t like feeling so judgmental about her things while we were decluttering. ????????? But what’s so wrong with being overcritical about the things we let into our homes, and into our lives? ????????? That pricey dress that doesn’t exactly fit, the unwanted gifts that we can’t bring ourselves to let go off, the beauty products that don’t quite work but sit quietly on the bathroom counter...all these are brought into our lives with our best intentions. And yet, we find ourselves wasting so much of our physical and mental space maintaining these. ????????? Today, I want you to have a look at your closet and pick out 5 things you know you can live without. It will only take a minute, but the effects will last forever! And will most definitely be one step closer to your Tidily Ever After. ????????? ????????? ????????? #tidilyeverafter #declutter #clutterfree #minimalism #closets #organization #closetorganization #closettransformation #organize #organizeyourlife #wardrobe #simplify #simplifyyourlife #beforeandafter

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Declutter first, organize second, buy the bins last.

Mica suggests sorting the stuff you decided to keep by their uses, pointing out that the items you use on a daily basis must be put at eye level so they can be accessed without a hitch. “Cold weather items can be placed in vacuum bags if you’re short on storage space and can be kept above,” she continued, adding that you should also let your leather goods breathe. “I don’t suggest using plastic shoe boxes for this reason. You may use silica gel and dehumidifiers to prevent moisture build-up for closed spaces.”



All it takes is a change in mindset to get your clutter contained, literally. ????????? Once you realize your closet is a finite space, it gets easier to visualize how many more socks, bottles of cologne or shirts you can fit. (In this particular case, none) ?? ????????? Everyday items should be at eye-level and within reach, while seasonal items can be kept in storage above. ????????? TidyTip ??Once your closet has reached full capacity, always remember to take out one item, for every new one purchased. This way, you not only keep your wardrobe tidy, but curated, as well. ????????? ????????? ????????? #tidilyeverafter #tidytime #tidytips #declutter #clutterfree #organization #getorganized #closetorganization #closettransformation #closet #wardrobe #konmari #beforeandafter #socks

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Break it down into smaller chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

A time management approach can help you avoid ending up with the thought of not being able to actually get it done. The local pro personally uses the Pomodoro Technique—a method that lets you work for 25 minutes straight, followed by a five-minute break and a half-hour breather after four rounds. She adds, “During your break, you still need to be devoid of any distractions—your emails, phones, kids—so that you can assess the decluttering that is happening.”

While the entire task may be challenging, it’s something that could be worth your while throughout the year. Good luck with your journey of tidying up and may you find your own Tidily Ever After!

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