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How To Look Chic While Doing Holiday Errands (Yes, you can!)

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s so easy to just throw your hands in the air and let the tides take you where they may (we don’t blame you!). You’ve got work in the morning, grocery shopping after, setting up décor in the evening, and then planning the grand finale dinner till the wee hours in the night. But don’t despair, there’s a few style tricks we’ve got up our sleeves to make you fabulous even as you hustle from here to there.

The point is to be flawless yet effortless, and we sure want you to be comfortable as you go about your busy schedule. So here’s our go-to methods for looking stylish, while going about the holiday rush:


Comfortable And Chic Shoes


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No shame in resorting to flats at this season! We’ve even got some gorgeous recommendations in our festive shoes selection. Since you’re probably rushing around, do pick the style that will allow you to amble around easily. It can be flats, or wedges or even boots, but make sure it’s a statement pair! Rich colors, velvet textures, or a little bling is a good way to go.


Move Those Bottoms


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Make sure to wear bottoms that allow for a lot of breathing room and movement. Your ultimate, fool-proof option is a skirt! It’s feminine, classy and totally in for the season. Plus, you can squeeze in a dance or two with them on.


Accessorize, Accessorize!


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Right, so it might be one of those days where everything is amok, and you’re just running out of outfits to match. Make it up with accessories—the bigger, the better even. Now’s the time to put that chunky necklace, statement bangles and stacking rings to good use. Even the simplest outfit can be transformed by the right accessories.


Bag it!


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Your mind is full of things to do, so your bag should probably have a little room to accommodate all the to-do-lists, flyers, sample products, and of course your touch-up kit. Time to whip out your favorite, roomy bag. Not too big that it becomes a chore to lug around, but enough for you to have your essentials and room for other things (like champagne?). Plus, a nice statement bag is also one way to dress up a look if you’re feeling too casual with the outfit.


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