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How To Look Long And Lean, According To These 5 Style Stars

Looking long and lean may seem like an effortless task for most celebrities, as they are already genetically blessed to be slim and tall—NOT! You will be surprised to find out that a lot of your favorite celebrities are not as slim or tall as you would expect them to be. What we see in television and on magazines is the product of expert fashion tips, but that doesn't mean you can't have a piece of the expertise too! 

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Here, we try to decode what some of the most stylish celebrities do to maintain that svelte figure (apart from a much-needed health and fitness routine). You'll find that a lot of these tips are ones you can actually apply to your own wardrobe yourself, and with just a few tweaks, you'll be well on your way to looking your longer, and leaner self! Read on...


1. Wear nude heels like Heart Evangelista

Style icon Heart Evangelista has admitted to loving the power of nude heels and how they can lengthen her petite frame. We can't blame the actress, for these really do her good. Her collection of nude heels is impressive, and is a good sign that we should be building our own too!


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2. Don a shorter hemline like Solenn Heussaff

The sultry actress knows a thing or two about looking long, lean, and sexy! Apart from her impressive health and fitness regimen, Solenn knows how to dress for her body, and how to flaunt it in a classy way. We take cue from Solenn as she dons shorter hemlines to make her legs look longer. This is far better than wearing a dress below the knees, which tends to make your legs short.


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3. Show some skin like Anne Curtis

The "Annekulit" concert queen Anne Curtis may be adventurous when it comes to fashion, but one thing she makes sure of is that she looks taller than she actually is. In this outfit, she shows off some skin in the right places to make her frame look longer. Exposed shoulders add more height to her otherwise petite frame. (Expert tip: take photos from a low angle too, to make your #OOTDs appear taller!)


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4. Wear a crop top and high-waist combo like Lovi Poe

Metro's Most Stylish Lovi Poe is also no stranger to posting some of the best #OOTDs on Instagram, and for good reason! She sure has mastered the art of making her online life at par with her reality—by pairing her good looks with a rigorous workout routine that keeps her looking A+ in every single photo. Style-wise, Lovi shows us how to look long and lean by pairing a high-waist bottom with a cropped top, which both create the illusion of a long frame. Take note, ladies! 


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5. Wear pointy shoes like Nadine Lustre

Millennial style queen Nadine Lustre has perfected the art of posting some of the most iconic outfit photos on Instagram, and well know best to sit up and take notice (and take down some notes while we're at it!) A simple wardrobe hack for looking longer according to Nadine is to don pointy footwear that automatically make your legs longer, no matter what ensemble you're wearing! Get this: You add a few more inches even if you're in pointy FLATS. You read that right! Now you know what to cop on your next trip to the mall! You're welcome. 


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Lead photos via @iamhearte, @solenn, @annecurtissmith, and @myrrhlaoto