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How To Pack (And Take!) Instagram-Worthy Travel Outfits, According To Janeena Chan

Flying out for a holiday? Aside from booking your stay at a hotel, and maybe even hiring a photographer to document your vacation, it's also a must that you pack outfits worth posting on social media. Because as they say, if it's not on Instagram, then did it really happen? In true Metro Woman spirit, setting foot on new islands and traipsing around foreign cities are fashion moments worth seizing.

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, fashion and lifestyle blogger Janeena Chan shares her tips and tricks on preparing chic, stylish outfits worthy to be Instagrammed. 


1. Share clothes!

Janeena shares that traveling with family and friends who have the same size as you is perfect, because you get to share clothes. "We mixed and matched our different coats—so that saved us a lot of space!" quips the blogger.



2. Plan your outfits ahead of time.

Save yourself the hassle of rushing one of the most important decisions a fashionista has to make every morning: coming up with a chic, head-turning outfit. According to Janeena, plan your OOTDs ahead of time. This way, you won't have to think of what to wear the next morning, especially when you've already had a long day.  "My family and I take photos of the outfits we packed for each day, so that we don't have to keep opening and repacking our luggage." She adds that this is especially useful when you're crossing different cities and countries in one trip.

Another Metro.Style-approved tip is to check the weather before flying out. This way, you'd know whether to pack for hot, sunny days or to tweak your outfits for rainy evenings.


3. Stock up on these must-haves!

Traveling to somewhere cold? Janeena encourages stylish women to stock up on heattech clothes, like sweaters and thermal tights. "They're just thin but they definitely do their job—you won't have to layer so much and end up looking chunky!" quips the blogger.


4. Enjoy the moment!

Don't just do it for the Instagram—live in the moment!  "Sometimes, you get too caught up with taking the perfect photo. I am guilty of that, too. But there are days I just want to chill and enjoy, and it's really in moments where I don't plan a "layout" that I end up taking my favorite shots.


Lead photos from @janeenachan