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How To Plan Matching Travel Outfits With Your Husband, According To Maxene Magalona-Mananquil

Going on a romantic getaway with your beau soon? Aside from planning the itinerary, why not plan your outfits ahead, too?

To help you achieve the double tap-worthy couple shot of your Instagram dreams, try wearing wardrobe pieces that match or complement each other. But don't raise your eyebrows just yet, Metro ladies—wearing matching outfits with your husband doesn't have to look tacky! 

In an exclusive interview with Maxene Magalona-Mananquil at the SweetEscape Philippines 1st anniversary party, the actress shared how she and her husband, musician Rob Mananquil, plan classy, matching outfits for their travels. 

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"Actually, when it started, hindi talaga namin pinaguusapan," she quipped. "It started one day, when he saw me planning my outfit. He said, 'Ah, yan yung susuotin mo. Sige, I'm going to wear something like that!'

"It's not exactly the same, but they complement each other. So what happens now is, when he's the first one to dress up, I'd follow his lead—and vice versa. Para kaming nagsasagutan [through fashion]. Ganyan siya, ganito ako. It's our way of saying, 'I support you and I honor you, just the way you are.'"

Ahead, we've compiled some of the duo's sweetest vacation photos—with mathing couple outfits to match! To score an outfit idea or two, keep scrolling! And while you're at it, don't forget to read our style tips on how to plan matching outfits with your kids


Rock An Androgynous Look

Unisex pieces in classic cuts and colors will never go out of style! The Magalona-Mananquil duo sports a blazer, slacks, and shoes together in Tokyo. Maxene carried a white hand bag, while Rob wore a fanny pack across his torso.

Photo: @maxenemagalona


Sport An Identical Wardrobe Piece

If head-to-toe matching outfits aren't your cup of tea, then you can also select one wardrobe piece to focus on. For starters, you can agree on a piece like a unisex denim jacket, a sun hat, a pair of shoes, or a bag.

In this photo, Maxene and Rob strolled around California, donning matching corduroy jackets. They styled the wardrobe piece in their own way—Maxene paired it with plaid pants, while Rob went for classic black.

Photo: @maxenemagalona via SweetEscape


The couple enjoyed coffee and conversations in this cute cafe in Japan. They also wore matching berets in different hues—pink for Maxene, and neutral brown for Rob!

Photo: @maxenemagalona


The stylish couple paid respect to Maxene's late father, Francis Magalona, by wearing graphic tees featuring the iconic Filipino rapper. Donning the same shirt design, the couple added a personal touch to their own looks—Maxene rocked a white shirt with a black skirt, while Rob went for an all-black ensemble.

Photo: @maxenemagalona


Wear Similar Prints, Textures, or Silhouettes

Planning couple outfits doesn't necessarily mean wearing identical pieces all the time. You can also match by donning pieces in similar prints, textures, or silhouettes.

The stylish husband-and-wife sported stripes in Malaysia! While the color palettes of Rob's cardigan and Max's shirt weren't exactly the same, they both featured the color green, making it easy for them to complement.

Photo: @maxenemagalona


Fuzzy, but make it fashion! The duo wore fleece coats (a long coat for her, and a zip-up jacket for him) to keep warm.

Photo: @maxenemagalona


Agree on a color palette

You can never go wrong with the tried-and-tested monochromatic number.

Photo: @maxenemagalona


Notice how they wore completely different pieces that still complemented each other! They both paired the color orange with neutrals for balance.

Photo: @maxenemagalona


Finally, you can also agree on colors that don't match, but go well together. For instance, Maxene's light pink trench coat looks good beside Rob's dark green. When you look at the color wheel, these two are complementary colors! They topped off their outfits with black loafers to match.

Photo: @maxenemagalona


All photos via @maxenemagalona