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Instagram Tips: 10 Celebrity-Approved Poses To Practice For Your Travel OOTDs

In today's day and age, going on a trip is never complete without taking photos worthy of double taps. If you want to master the art of taking Instagram-worthy OOTDs (honestly, who wouldn't want to?), here's a list of simple, doable poses to help get you started. Remember that practice makes perfect, so keep shooting those photos, Metro women!


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1. Curve your hips sideways

This easy pose is simple yet crucial—celebrities swear by it! Stick your bum out and curve your body sideways for a smaller waist and wider hips. Check out the sexy and fit Kathryn Bernardo, who is hotter than ever as she graces the annual Metro Magazine body issue for the first time! 

Photo by BJ Pascual for Metro Magazine



2. Extend your legs

Legs for days! Create an illusion of ~leeeeeength~ when you extend your legs in photos. Our 2019 Metro Most Stylish woman Bea Soriano-Dee strikes a pose with her adorably baby in front of Japan's famous cherry blossoms. Wearing a chic mini skirt, the Sunnies operations director looks statuesque as she keeps her legs straight and extended, careful not to 'break' any lines.Photo: @beibeidee


3. And while you're at it, point your toes, too!

Another foolproof way to appear slimmer and taller in photos is to point your toes. Doing so gives an illusion of length, and makes your calves appear more toned, too! We're in love with Marie Lozano's travel diaries on Instagram, and her Cappadocia adventure was definitely one for the books! 

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Photo: @iammarielozano


4. Interact with your surroundings

Let's be honest: sometimes, photos that are "too posed" can appear awkward. Avoid looking stiff by interacting with your surroundings! Take cues from our 2018 Top 1 Metro Most Stylish Woman Lovi Poe, who is seen playing with her new friend in Siargao. 

Photo: @lovipoe


5. Sit back and relax!

Here's an effortless pose you can master for natural-looking travel shots: sit on a ledge and look away! Sunnies creative director Martine Ho wears a color palette that complements the beautiful aesthetic of the Amer Fort in Jaipur, India.

Photo: @martine


6. Let the scenery do the talking

Sometimes, it's better to just let the destination speak for itself! Here's a back shot of Julia Barretto taking in the breathatking view of Machu Picchu. She toured South America wearing covet-worthy outfits prepared by celebrity stylist Cath Sobrevega. Yes, Julia hired a stylist for her travel OOTDs—here's why you should, too!

Photo: @juliabarretto


7. Play with your accessories

Not sure what to do with your hands? Try playing with your hair, or even with your accessories! Metro Channel host Maggie Wilson tilts her sun hat to the side as she sizzles in a one-piece swimsuit.

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Photo: @maggiewilson


8. Don't look directly at the camera

Add drama to your photos by looking sideways—or even upwards! Anne Curtis can't contain her joy and excitement as she toured Canada to visit iconic locations from Goblin, her favorite K-Drama series!

Photo: @annecurtissmith


9. Lean forward and rest your arms

In this article, our first tip was to curve your body sideways and stick your bum out. Once you've mastered this pose, advance to the next level by leaning forward to further extend your torso. This will create an illusion of curves and a longer torso. Gently rest your arms on an object (a table, a ledge, or in this case, a boat!) for a more relaxed look. Our very own Metro channel host Rachel Peters looks sexy as ever in this mint green swimsuit! Catch her soon on the second season of 'Beached'!

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Photo: @rachelpetersx


10. Pop the knee!

Finally, 'popping the knee' is a basic leg pose you can easily master. Simply shift your weight to one leg and bend the other! Heart Evangelista exudes effortless elegance as she takes a sip of her morning coffee while in China for a 'secret project'. Notice how she styles a one-piece swimsuit as a top, layering it with a covet-worthy blazer.

Photo: @iamhearte


Lead photos via @iammarielozano, @rachelpetersx, and BJ Pascual for Metro Magazine