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How To Dress Up Like Your Favorite Sex and The City Character In 2018

It has been 20 years since the girls of the cult favorite HBO hit, Sex and The City spiced up our screens and became one of the most fashionable TV shows of all time. From the moment you see Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) strolling around the streets of New York (in a tulle skirt, no less!), you’ll already get the main essence of the show: fashion and an undying love affair with the city of New York. 



It was these four women – Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), and Samantha Jones (Kim Catrall) – who greatly influenced the fashion of the late 90’s to early 00’s. They started the trends, made designer brands that we all know and love a household name, and gave us years worth of fashion moments that are still relevant to this day.


Ever wondered how their fashion choices would change if it was set in present time? Well, we tried to modernize their style personas, and rounded up the pieces you need to create your favorite cast’s wardrobe.



1. Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie was a risk taker not only in love, but more so in fashion. She was not afraid to experiment and was very much a maximalist. She’ll always go for the drama, never thinking twice on accessorizing her look. In present time, she’d probably be obsessed with the oversized Jacquemus hat, and the oversized belt trend that you see everywhere now. 




2. Miranda Hobbes

If Carrie was the style chameleon, Miranda was the total opposite. Given that her job on the show was a successful lawyer, you’d probably see her sport workwear outfits most of the time. For casual days, you’d see her wearing dungarees, hoodies, and puffer jackets that might be unflattering at that time, but are totally on trend now! In present time, you’d probably see her wear Balenciaga or Lanvin on most days.




3. Charlotte York

Charlotte undoubtedly had the most feminine style compared to the others. She tends to go for more classic, dainty, and very preppy pieces that match her prim, sophisticated attitude. Most of the time, you’ll see her wear pastel or light neutrals on the show. In present time, she’d probably be into Lela Rose and Carolina Herrera’s classy feminine designs.




4. Samantha Jones

Samantha’s style on the show was evidently influenced by the 80’s. The shoulder pads, matching suits, and bold colors on everything. She wore her clothes with so much sass and confidence that her looks became the epitome of power dressing. Fast-forward to decades later, matching suits in bold colors and oversized shoulders are very much on trend. In present time, she’d probably be more into Givenchy and Calvin Klein.





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