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These Up And Coming Fashion Designers Are Graduating With A Business In Mind

The Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship for Fashion, Arts, and Design is showcasing promising young fashion designers worthy of your attention!

As rocky as the creative field may sometimes be deemed to be, the truly passionate and talented emerge from the crowd and go out to prove the naysayers wrong. Thanks to educational institutions, young talent is honed, trained, and equipped to face the real world out there, armed with the skills, techniques, and tenacity needed to succeed.

Such is the case for the Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship for Fashion, Arts, and Design (ICEFAD),  a school that hones creative local talent and builds their students up to be well-rounded individuals, ready and able to pursue their dreams in the world of design. Their grand launch happens this Saturday, September 28th at the EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall Grand Atrium, and it's set to be the launching pad for young, aspiring fashion entrepreneurs at the same time. 


ICEFAD offers programs that center on integrating entrepreneurial business courses with technical "concept-to-production" in the apparel and arts industry. Here, students are encouraged and taught how to bring their imagination to life, to make dreams a tangible reality. Art is truly meant to be shared with the world, and in some cases, turned into a lucrative business. 

On Saturday, get ready for the unveiling of their young, up-and-coming fashion design graduates, together with their brands, as they showcase their extensive creative skills through their 5-piece collections—focusing on segments of which all will be given an award. Segments include Sustainable Retail, Menswear, Textile Design & Manipulation, Sculptural Art, and Red Carpet. Awards to be given away include "Best Collection", and "Best in Branding."

(Top L-R) Clarice Melagrito, Alexandre Franco, Lare Dane, Maison Soriano, Leilani Kate Yalung, Saint Marionne. {Bottom L-R) Isabel Laohoo, Camilla Damo, Joe Figueroa, Blessed Almario, Diane Salamanque

Get ready to be wowed, inspired, and in awe of the young talent we have in our midst. Head over to "C.R.E.A.T.E: Redefining the business of fashion" on Saturday, and continue to believe in the power of art in shaping a better future. 

Congratulations to the graduates!

Blessed Joy Almario

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Alexandre Franco

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Camilla Louise Damo

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Clarice Melagrito

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Diane Salamanque

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Joe Figueroa

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Isabel Laohoo

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Lare Dane

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Leilani Kate Yalung

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Maison Soriano

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Saintè Marion

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